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Trimming Hooves

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I need to trim the hooves of my sheep, I tried on one but am not exactly sure what all to clip off. Anyone have a diagram or anyinfo on doing this properly? Thanks--Greg
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I'll try to describe what we do. Start with back feet and the animal sitting on it's rump (roll it sideways off it's tail bone a bit!) Back feet because fresh cut hooves are sharp and you done want flailing front feet in your face. Looking at the bottom of the foot, the hoof may have grown over the pad. Work the clippers under that flap and cut it off even with the outside edge of the hoof. Between the toes the hoof may start to grow towards the middle, (it would be obviously ragged) trim it back inline with the inside edge. If you clean out the bottom you should be able to see where the soft toe is and the over grown hoof. Cut back the tips and round it to the sides. Better to leave a little too much than cut too much, toes bleed like crazy! We soak fresh trimmed hooves with coppertox (A liquid foot rot treatment)
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Here is a web site showing one how to do Sheep feet.

One thing though,, am sorry Ross, but I would not use coppertox.
Over my years being with sheep, I found it can cause problems with sheep.
One of the better hoof treatments for sheep is the... Dr. Naylor Hoof & Heel. This does not have copper in it.
What kinds of problems have you seen from koppertox? I also use it when I trim sheep hooves, so I'm very interested to hear.
LeahN, un-signed in
I have seen it cause copper poisoning, more than once, in different flocks. This is after working with Vets and ruling out other possible problems for each flock.
Kopertox is not the best stuff to use, does not work as well as some of the other Hoof Fungus products.

But with all things it is up to each person to decide what they use or do.
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