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  1. I've been searching the net for a steel box trap I once saw but I cannot find it anywhere. It was a small cubicle steel box with a hole in it and a chain attached to it. I'm thinking you place some kind of a bait in the box to entice the critter which sticks his paw in the hole and can't get it back out. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

    Also, I have a few steel traps and am thinking of building a wooden box with the same purpose in mind. The raccoon would smell the bait and stick his paw in the hole to feel for the bait. He triggers the trap pan and is caught by a steel trap inside. Any experienced trappers out there know if this would work or if it would be worth the effort?

    Another one. Have you ever placed the bait a few feet above ground on a tree trunk with a good sized steel trap setting below on the ground? If so how high for what species?

    I know I have some more questions but can't think of what they are right now. I typed all these questions up last night on the screen and apparently forgot to send them. Got on a few minutes ago and wondered what happened to all my questions. :shrug:

  2. "Coon Cuffs". Thanks Haggis, I new I could count on you. I done a search on coon cuffs and found a article of a guy who made his own using plywood boxes and steel traps. So, I guess my ideal will work.

    I'm going trapping this year! :baby04:
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    Lots of trapping supply houses carry them, just shop around for the best price. These coon cuffs work though, and lots of folks use them.