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Tractor Talk -round II

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A little while back there was a long thread about what someone might need as far as a tractor. At the time I was happy with my 8n for my size property (47 acres) and said so.

I went out and bought a new 5 foot rotary bar cutter (commonly called a Brush Hog)

After spending the weekend brush hogging the hay fields I've decided my 8n just isn't big enough. I only got 4 acres or so done and I still have 23 or so to go. I'm having to do 2 passes on each row. The part that I've been doing is too steep to do across the hill so what I've been doing is the first pass on the down slope and the second pass on the upslope. Fortunately I own both sides of the hill <G>

Seems like a lot of people in my area are having problems getting rid of their hay.

I didn't wait on getting an overriding clutch. The inertia from the mower will push you forward some but it really isn't that bad. I wouldn't be heading at a building or tree with the mower engaged and me planning on stopping in a tight spot <G>.

Anyways, I got several miles of trail (back in the woods) cut down as well. That seemed a lot easier than cutting down the hay.

My opinion now is that a smaller tractor such as an 8n is more suitable as a primary for a place of up to 10-15 acres and as a secondary tractor for a larger place.

I'm thinking I'll want a larger tractor a couple years out.....maybe around 45-60hp.

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Hi Mike, you didn't say but I doubt if you have a loader on the 8n. A 50 hp or larger tractor with a loader is the handiest thing on the farm since John invented the Deere. A tractor that has a good loader will be used for the loader about 3/4 of the time. With hills as you discribe, be sure to get a utility type tractor because they arw low and wide which will prevent hillside upsets that could easily happen to a taller tractor. If you are thinking about a newer tractor, these small outfits with front wheel drive can handle a loader, hills, and plow snow as well as a larger 2 wheel drive. Don't trade the Ford. Sell it for cash and buy your next tractor outright. You can get it for close to the same amount as you would pay if they took your Ford.
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