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Tractor or Mower (Kubota)

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We are looking to buy something for when we get another piece of property. This property will likely be 10 or less acres. Most of the acreage is wooded and won't be used for anything. The actual acreage would be 3-5 acres that need to be maintained regularly. That said, we don't want to spend 25K on a tractor with front loader and major attachments unless it's absolutely required.

My question is what is the minimum I can get away with? I know I will need 4wd for sure, but as far as horsepower? We will use it to push or blow snow and I see that even the compact riding mowers come with pull behind brush hog options and snow blower options. We will need to cut grass and brush hogs aren't great with grass cutting.... I guess I am torn because I do not know right now if a front loader option is something I would need. :/

My question is more related to Kubota specifically because I have used them and like them the most. General specs will work too though!
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I've got an L3800 with loaded tires and a FEL. I cannot use it for mowing grass as it will tear up the lawn in anything but the driest weather.(especially in 4 wheel drive) I bought forks for the FEL and use it quite often. The bucket and a box blade are very handy. There has to be some weight behind the tractor to get any safe use out of the FEL. I poured a 55 gallon drum full of concrete(1000 lbs) and rigged it to attach to the 3 point hitch. I take the FEL off to do my bush hogging as the FEL makes the tractor less stable on uneven ground. The FEL is easy to attach/detach on fairly level ground. The 5 foot bush hog will knock down most anything you would want a bush hog for. I kind of wish I had bought a 6 foot bush hog but the extra weight might have caused steering problems as the front end can get light now.

I also have an older Ford 1110(16hp) with a 4 foot bush hog.(no fluid in the tires) It is slower going with the bush hog but has cut fields well enough. Sometimes I think I'm pushing it too hard. You can get a under belly mower for it but the 4 wheel drive still cuts up the lawn when you go to turn.

I can't answer your questions but hope my experience might be helpful in some way.

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