towing 88 suburban

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  1. I got an old 88 surban I need to tow. I think it was towed with a tractor in park, and now the gear lever just moves freely. I tried to pull it and the rear wheels drag. will I have to pull the driveshaft?
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    "the gear lever just moves freely"
    The linkage may be disconnected or broken.

    "tried to pull it and the rear wheels drag"
    They would if the transmission is in Park.

    "will I have to pull the driveshaft?"

    The first thing to do is determine if the transmission linkage is connected and working properly.
    If it's not, then the next step would be to reconnect or repair the linkage ... or manually move the linkage on the transmission housing itself - which is done from underneath. Make sure the wheels are blocked and the vehicle doesn't roll when you get it into Neutral. (Such an event could ruin your whole day!)
    The easiest solution might be to pull the driveshaft, especially if you're towing the vehicle any distance.

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    Have you tried to change the shifter to nuteral? How far was it towed? Is the linkage still connected? Is there any or no responce when you change the shifter? Does this vehicle run on its own? Does it move by itsself when running? We need the other 90% of the info before anybody can say anything correct.
  4. thanks fellas, I just wanted to make sure I wasnt forgeting something.
    This heaps been parked for about 3-4 years (trans out) and I just sold it to a friend of mine for the engine. I think it might be broken linkage. I think Ill try to shift into neutral from underneath(after chocking it ).
    I was reading another post about an old tractor someone was working on
    talking about Marvel mystry oil. My grandpa had an ol time mechanic shop and he used lots of mmo, good stuff! Ill recommend to my friend he soak those cylinder good and turn it over by hand a few times. thanks again, theres some great knowledge and stories being shared on this board.