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You can tell if a sheep is anemic but checking their gums or conjuntivae( the area visable when you pull the eyelid down). Should be bright pink. If pale it indicates anemia, from either blood lose during delivery or a heavy parasite load. Check another sheep to compare the color if you are unsure what you are looking at.
I also give warm water with molasses in it for energy after a ewe lambs. There are also products on the market, one is Nutradrench that is a high energy vitamin mineral drench.
If the udder is very large and the teats engorged, I strip off enough to make the teats and udder more pliable. You want to get the lambs on both sides early on as an engorged udder from little nursing can lead to mastitis. I sometimes freeze this if there is any colostrum fo emergency use . I also would hold off on any grain for a few days, if you give any, until the udder softens up a bit and the lambs are up and nursing good on both sides.
My vet always tells me to do the Penicillin for 5 days, twice a day. Also monitor her temperature. ( rectally of course, 101-102 normal)
I'm guessing that she is probably fine if she is chewing her cud and eating and drinking okay.
The coffee and sugar do the same for sheep as for you a burst of energy from the caffiene and sugar. :)
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