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Tornado warning

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We've got a tornado warning on right now. The sky is a really weird color...I think I'm going to get myself a cup of tea and go watch the show!

Between this and the weird weather north of us (flash flooding) and now in Ontario, I'm beginning to wonder what the heck is going on!

Keep your fingers crossed for us that it STAYS a warning!!!

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AngieM2 said:
Get the heck to a safe place. A warning is not a WATCH. Usually a warning means a credible watcher has seen the rotation of a tornado and it can touch down at any time.

I know, I live with these things all the time down here. Had one yesterday, but fortunately went warning after passing over where I live.

AngieM2 in N. Alabama

PS: If the sky is sorta pea green, there is probably one close by.
Not one, actually 3 tornadoes according to Dan Satterfield yesterday. Madison, Tanner and highway 72 all hid in those 60 mph straightlines we had. Dont you sometimes wish we didnt live in a tornado alley. Ive gotten to the point if its less than an F3 I just go to bed or take a bath. Either one I make sure I'm nekkid. I learned after two rounds living in Huntsville that the best tornado survivors are always on the news nekkid after riding out a bathtub or bed into Memorial Parkway like they were in the Wizard of Oz :)


If it sounds like a freight train hanging a left at your mailbox, duck and hang on.
Just hope the storms today track north east like theyre supposed to instead of southeast like the other day .
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