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Tool folks - gather round - need your counsel . . .

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My wife and I went shopping this weekend at Big Lots and have come across what we consider a 'deal' - an electric air 'pancake' compressor for $88.

The specs. are as follows: 3 HP Peak, 4 gallon, 120 volt / 60 Hz. Weighs 57 #s, fits in an 18" square cube of space. 1/4" NPT outlets. 6.78 CFM @ 40 PSI, 5.29 SCFM @ 90 PSI, 115 PSI Max.

We aren't running a shop, nor do we have big construction plans. What we were anticipating is having a compressor for quick work, which might spring up. Don't know squat about air tools - thats where you folks (hopefully) come in.

What tools can this thing handle? I don't need pneumatic jack hammers - I'm looking at impact wrenches, air hammers (nail gun), that sort of thing. Should I pass on it or run over there and snap one up - there were eight or nine on display, as it was.

Thanks in advance for the advice.
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Yes, these mini compressors will run just about any air tool, after you install an accumulation tank somewhere in your system. A tank of say 120 cubic feet or larger; then you can use it to sand cars, nail with a big gun, ect - but only in short bursts of time. Most homeowner air compressors yeild about 4 cu ft per minute, so the mini ones are just a bit quicker than the more conventional type.

'Recovery time' is the watch word here.
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