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Tool folks - gather round - need your counsel . . .

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My wife and I went shopping this weekend at Big Lots and have come across what we consider a 'deal' - an electric air 'pancake' compressor for $88.

The specs. are as follows: 3 HP Peak, 4 gallon, 120 volt / 60 Hz. Weighs 57 #s, fits in an 18" square cube of space. 1/4" NPT outlets. 6.78 CFM @ 40 PSI, 5.29 SCFM @ 90 PSI, 115 PSI Max.

We aren't running a shop, nor do we have big construction plans. What we were anticipating is having a compressor for quick work, which might spring up. Don't know squat about air tools - thats where you folks (hopefully) come in.

What tools can this thing handle? I don't need pneumatic jack hammers - I'm looking at impact wrenches, air hammers (nail gun), that sort of thing. Should I pass on it or run over there and snap one up - there were eight or nine on display, as it was.

Thanks in advance for the advice.
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I believe that each air tool has a required cfm to operate properly. Check the tools you want to buy and see if they will operate at the cfm that particular air compressor provides. The continueous cfm is what is important

We have a 7hp 60gal tank compressor we purchased in houston for $269.00 a couple of years ago and it works fine for our needs which is is sand etching.

Good luck
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