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My best friend, Kathy is a foster and adoptive Mom. She has a little guy who she is going to adopt.

When Jaden came into the world, it was in the back of a strangers van. His twin sister was born on the street corner a few minutes before him. Mom was so drugged out she didn't realize she was in labor. Why should she? She was only 28 weeks or so along.

Jaden and his twin sister Jaylen each weighed less than 2 pounds. Jaylen died after living just a few hours. Jaden spent a fw months in the NICU before he was big enough for my friend to bring him home. While he's had some delays and some major surgeries including a permenet brain shunt and part of his brain removed, he's a darling little man who can walk and is starting to make simple sentances. No one who knows his story can believe he's anything other than a vegetable. Even his doctors have told Kathy that he gives them all hope.

Jaden and Jaylen were born in January of 2006. In that time, Mom has gone to jail for drug charges. She's also being tried for Jaylen's murder and assult on Jaden. The birth family was too afraid of Jaden's problems and hardly any of them could pass CPS's checks and they didn't have room or time for this little guy.

Kathy has said all along she would like to know where Jaylen was buried-or even if she was buried or cremated. Kathy believes in having all sorts of information for her kids and she thought that knowing what happened to his twin would be somethig that Jaden would like to have. Unfortunately since she's not birth family, she can't get that information. Mom thinks CPS is an entity to ignore, so she wouldn't say anything and the family just never got that involved. In January when Jaden turned a year old, Kathy told me that she was haunted by the fact that there was a baby in the cold ground and no one would bring her flowers on her birthday. Not knowing where Jaylen was stressed Kathy out.

This morning Kathy called all excited because she got some court documents and she got Jaylen's spelling of her first and middle name and a death certificate. Since she knows I can dig up information, she put me and her Aunt Shirley on the trail.

I couldn't find Shane's birth certificate and I needed it to sign him up for his new cyber school. I went up to the vital records department and just happened to take Jaylen's information to see if they could tell me anything. The lady who helped me was sympathetic and said that death certificates don't have that information. But when she took my check she took my slip of paper with Jaylen's information on it. A few minutes later she came back with Shane's birth certificate and on the back of my slip of paper was the name of the cemetary that Jaylen was buried!

I thanked the woman and left the office. On the way back to my car I called Kathy and left her a voice mail that said, "Kath, it's me. I know where she's buried. Call me, OK?". It was then I noticed that there was a gentleman walking a few steps ahead of me who stopped and said, "You know how to get information!" I said that I did and he said, "Do you need a job? I need someone who can find information!" I laughed and said that I already had a joba nd he couldn't afford me. Then I admitted that I didn't exactly get the information legally. He laughed and said that wouldn't be a problem. I finally told him to get information like that to hire a genealogist with a personality as they know where to dig and how to get information out of vital records clerks!

I finally got ahold of Kathy and told her to call Aunt Shirley and tell her NANNER NANNER NANNER and that I got the information first. I tried to find the cemetary office but couldn't. I kept getting information for a church cemetary-this wasn't a Church cemetary I was looking for. Kathy called back an hour later and said that Aunt Shirley said NANNER NANNER NANNER to me as she remembered that the cemetary I was looking for was turned over to the Church and that she found Jaylen's plot number!!

What's even freakier is that the older sister to Kathy's other foster child is also buried in the same cemetary and we believe in the same area. Taylor died mysteriously while in a relative's care and Mom can't hack going to her grave. So Kathy said she'll buy two sets of flowers when she takes Brandon (Jaden's adoptive name!) and Allie out there.

So what are the chances that Kathy would call with this information on a day I was gong to vital records for a copy of something I swore I had? What are the chances that I got a worker who cared? What are the chances that Aunt Shirley remembered that hte Church took over the cemetary? What are the chances that Taylor and Jalen are not only in the same cemetary, but in the same section?

Coincidences? I think not. I think God just knew of one woman who could heal two families.
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