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jerzeygurl said:
that is the question

when do you ply and why

socks sweaters hats

lace shawls ect
It depends on a lot of things. The type of wool, the project, etc. I like to ply mine because it evens out the thickness nicely if you have a few fat/skinny places. Also, if the object is going to get a lot of wear, plying does strenghten the fiber. Also, if you are knitting a complex pattern (cables and such), plied wool gives it a much better appearance as unplied wool tends to be more fuzzy and less distinct.

I have seen hats and scarfs knitted of unplied wool and they had a nice fuzzy, cozy appearance. I'm told they pill more, but that wouldn't be a huge concern for me. I have some merino singles that I am going to work up into a ski cap one of these days, just to see how it looks.

Try a couple of projects and see how you like it. You never know until you try. That's part of the fun, after all.

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