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Tiny calf

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I wasnt planning on buying a calf at the auction today. No one bid on him so for two dollars I figured why not. He is TINY. He was easily 1/2 the size of the other jersey bull calves. This boys cord is dryed up, while the much bigger boys had red new cords. He is 22" at the shoulders, hard to tell how small he is in the pics but my boyfriend is only 5'4"
So any thoughts? Was mom just malnourished, are some just born tiny, or is he potentially mini/part mini? If he has potential to be smaller, I have someone looking for pasture pet steer. What do you all think? His poo is like peanut butter now. I am feeding him cows milk, not replacer, since he is so small and fragile looking. Very perky guy.

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An obese first calf heifer can also produce a very small calf. The fat around the reproductive organs limits the amount of growing space. One of the smallest calves I've seen was a bull calf born to a first calf 5 year old heifer (she had aborted a prior pregnancy). He was tiny and would have died if we had not been present. He, along with a much larger bull calf born a few days later to a two year old first calf heifer, went to the sale barn at the same time. I have pictures somewhere of the two together but I don't know where.
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