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If I need a Shelter
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Every once in awhile I hear a story from our area that makes me think only here,as I heard one yesterday.

A few years ago someone found a carcass of a very Large Cat just across the holler from me.The Sheriff was called,Conservation Department and ofcourse the Media.

They figured that yes this was a very Large Cat,much Bigger than a Mountain Lion.They was thinking someone had shot it and was wondering if anymore was roaming the hills :eek: So everyone get their Stock up and are keeping their Guns handy.This is all over the News.They determine it is a Full Grown Tiger.

Well the Local Conservation Agent gets to thinking.He runs over to the next county talks with a Taxidermist that use to live in the area.Tells him he don't want to know the details but for him to get the carcass and bury it because it is just causing too much a stir in the area.

So under cover of darkness the Legend of very Large Cats roaming our woods disappeard:whistle: But did it,maybe there is a Few Big Tigers in my woods :croc:

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