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Thuja Green Giant Or Cryptomeria Japonica?

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New user as I have been lurking for a few weeks.i am from Massachusetts and plan on planting some trees as a natural barrier.
I am trying to decide between the Thuja or Cryptomeria.
Deer is deff a issue as is drainage in the back of my property because of wetlands.
I plan on planting around 150 to 200 feet of trees.
I am spacing the thujas about 6 feet but I am unsure with the crypto's.
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Plant only native trees.
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Those Thuja will reach 40 to 50 feet (and then keep growing) in about 10 to 15 years. They grow slowly until established then take off.

Better choices would be American Holly or Eastern Yew.

Here is a listing of native trees and shrubs for wildlife, sorted by the type of soil.

My mom used a variety of spruce and pine trees to create a wind buffer on her property.
Yeah. I thought so, too.
Well, kinda sorta.
I don't know about the cryptomeria japonica but I'm about to plant my green giants grown from seedlings that I got last summer. I'm hoping they take off quickly because we can see right into our neighbors yard and vice versa.
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