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Hi guys,
I was surprised to see rabbit in the grocery store here in Boston. I usually have to buy it at the specialty store.
I was even more surprised at the price
$15!! for a average size rabbit.
I wonder who is getting the money?
How much do you guys get for a rabbit,when you sell it for meat?

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Well, dang! I tried to post a really great answer, and it wouldn't let me! Now, I've lost it and have to do it over. I was logged in, too, but I think it happened just as Tracy was deleting your duplicate post. Anyway....

$15.00 for a whole rabbit... assuming it was a "fryer" weighing around 2.5 lbs. comes out to $6.00 per lb. retail. You didn't state if it had the USDA stamp on it, but that will also drive the price up. The end consumer price is dependent on several different factors:

The price the processor pays the growers for the live rabbits. Then, the cost of processing the rabbits. Both of these determines the wholesale price if purchased directly from the processor. Most processors sell to a distributor, who likewise will jack the price up so he/she can make a profit, too. The distributor sells the meat to a retail store. Well, the retail store has to make a profit, so the meat manager determines the final retail price for the meat. Sadly, some meat managers have been known to get greedy and price themselves right out of a market by overpricing the meat.

Anyway... who makes the most money from the sale of the rabbit meat? Well, I'd have to say that the retail store does, but keep in mind... they also have employees and overhead to pay for, too. $6.00 per lb. for rabbit meat in Boston (e.g., higher costs of living) really isn't all that bad, and especially if it was USDA inspected, which the processor has to pay for because rabbits don't qualify for free meat inspection and the processor has to pay the Voluntary User Fees for that inspection... and it isn't cheap!

When I was processing for resale purposes... I would sell a *live* fryer to anyone direct from the farm at $1.25/lb. But, if it was processed and packaged (I used a state inspected facility), my "wholesale" price was $2.75 lb. The retail stores (I didn't use a distributor) would jack up the price to around $3.50 to $4.00 per lb. This was about 4 or 5 years ago.

I'm in eastern Washington state where our costs of living aren't as high as in Boston. I hope this answers your question.

Pat Lamar
Professional Rabbit Meat Association
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