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Those who use Linux

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Someone has offered me a computer with Puppy Linux installed. I am only marginally familiar with this OS, have ever only had Windows.
Since I would only use it for word processing, digital camera/photo storage and internet, wondering how hard it is to connect to my dialup service? I know my installation disk won't be compatible. I'm no tech expert, but could probably handle this with some help.
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What is your dialup service? Any dialup service that doesnt require you use their software will work. In other words one that allows you to just use the Dial Up Networking dialer in windows by inserting your username and password will work in linux. You can also install a small dialer called Penggy that can connect to a current AOL account without the official AOL software. I believe Netzero offers some software so you can connect to a Netzero account with Lindows/Linspire linux. It probably could be adapted to any linux though I dont remember anybody mentioning doing this on the Puppy Linux forum.

Does this computer have a hardware modem or software modem. There are linux drivers for some software modems, but only certain ones. A cheapo used hardware modem can be found on ebay for $5 or so with little looking, but for some reason this really bugs some people who give up on linux cause they cant dig up $5. They forget what they have to spend on windows systems I guess.

The version of Puppy can have some bearing also. Really any questions on Puppy should be asked here: You need to give specifics on your computer, the version of Puppy, your modem, etc. General questions get general answers. Specific questions have best chance of coming up with a useful answer.
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