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This one is for Oogie - Woman claims cat tried to kill her

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Woman: My cat tried to kill me!

REXBURG - A domestic cat attack sends two people to the hospital. The family says their cat was completely normal until 3 days after it gave birth to kittens. But then the cat got defensive, and the family says it tried to kill them.

It began Tuesday at 5:30am. The Ostermiller's were asleep in their bed when they heard a sound.

"All I heard was rrwwwrrrr hisss," said Jackie Ostermiller, who was attacked by her domestic cat.

Jackie woke up and saw her cat, Renesmee, (named after the Twilight character) panicking. Jackie thinks a male cat had wandered by and her cat was protecting her kittens. So she went to grab her cat to prevent her from bolting out a hole in the screen door. That's when her cat jumped at her.

"I was being mauled literally for the kill. She had got ahold of my nose first, my face first, my arms first, I was literally screaming, 'Blaine get off get her off, she's attacking me, get her off. He jumped up in the middle of his sleep, took his c-pap machine just jerked it off, threw it on the floor. He was literally able to pry her off of me,'" said Jackie Ostermiller.

"Confusion. I woke up hearing my wife scream, I didn't know what was going on until I looked over there, until I looked over there seeing (the cat) viciously attacking her," said Blaine Ostermiller, Jackie's husband.

Blaine did get the cat off, but not before 35 bite marks and 15 bruises later. Then, when Jackie was washing the blood off her face, the cat came back.

"Washed the blood of her face and part of her hands, she actually attacked her leg a second time," said Blaine Ostermiller.

The Ostermiller's both saw an unusual stare right before that second attack.

"She came at me with the deadliest eyes," said Jackie Ostermiller.

"I noticed she was looking at my wife with a weird look," said Blaine Ostermiller.

But even after this whole ordeal, the Ostermiller family hasn't turned their back on cats. They even plan on getting a new kitten soon. But they do have a word of caution.

"I want people to know how dangerous cats can be, they can turn on you in a dime. Believe it or not, cats!" said Jackie Ostermiller.

Jackie feels that none of this would have happened either, if they had just spayed their cat.

The Ostermiller's ended up giving up their cat to the Rexburg Shelter. It's likely that it will be put down. But it hasn't been put down yet because it's nursing some kittens.
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Who grabs an angry cat though? Seriously?

I used to raise bengals, great sweet pets. But, uh... I knew better than to try to pick up my queen when a raccoon under the house had her spitting and puffed up like she wanted to rip something to pieces.

I feel for the lady, cat bites are incredibly nasty, and I know how scary it is to have one attached to you (nasty childhood experience). but.... well, duh lady.

Irony of her naming her cat after a vampire is not lost on me either. *snort*
I once had a teen and her baby stay with me for 6 months. A few weeks after she left, I took the baby home for a few hours. The cat went into attack mode and I honestly think she would have killed him if she could have. I got scratched up pretty bad, shut the baby in the bathroom, shut up the cat and retrieved the baby. Phew!
We were alerted earlier and are monitoring the situation.

But, thanks for being vigilant.

Cats often try to suppress this sort of news. And when it does make it on the TV or radio, they do their best to distract their owners by meowing to go out.

Or sometimes, they just meow.

That's when owners are usually especially pathetic. "What does kitty want? What does kitty want?" After a while, the cat just stops meowing and the owners just say, "Silly kitty!" Meanwhile, the owners don't realize that they've just missed a story such as this, or cat riots in Singapore, or a story about a heroic dog.

And newspapers? Cats hate them because they sometimes tell the truth about cats. Don't believe me? Put a newspaper page on the floor near a cat and see how long it stays in one piece.

Thay'll do almost anything to suppress the truth from getting out.

Just where do you think that oft-asked question: "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" came from.
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Cats are lovely, just have to be careful - very, very careful - not to offend them.
A woman in Miami was killed when she returned from vacation and tried to hold her's back claws ripped out her femoral artery. That ought to teach her to have a good time and leave poor kitty all alone.
A woman in Miami was killed when she returned from vacation and tried to hold her's back claws ripped out her femoral artery. That ought to teach her to have a good time and leave poor kitty all alone.
I don't think I'll ever want a cat for a pet again.:teehee:
Yesterday I came face to face with one of the barn cats, one of her kittens was there about 6 weeks old. I 've not seen these kittens yet. She came unglued, came at me, I was shocked. She usally rubs up against my leggs as I hang laundry, very friendly. I guess it's hormones or something.
A woman in Miami was killed when she returned from vacation and tried to hold her's back claws ripped out her femoral artery. That ought to teach her to have a good time and leave poor kitty all alone.

Did this kitty weigh around 400 lbs., have black stripes and have the first name of Bengal?:pound:

I see one problem ". . .when Jackie was washing the blood off her face, the cat came back." I'm sorry if my cat had done that it would not be ABLE to come back.
100% FULL MOON TONIGHT:shocked: Be vewy,vewy careful.
As jen74145 asked "Who picks up a cat that is mad, hissing, afraid, or angry? In the cat's mind when you go to pick it up, it's the thing that it is mad at, afraid of, or angry at that the cat thinks just touched it and is picking it up.

That line of thinking is about the same as the person who thinks they can wade into a dog fight and seperate the dogs without getting bit!

What I want to know, is when Oggie is going to come out with his tell all book "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Cats, But Was Afraid To Ask." or the shortened title "All Cats Are EVIL!"?
The working title is:

What's up with that?

And we're still doing research as to whether they simply steal people's souls or something far worse.
Any time a cat wanders onto my property, I break out the catapult.
Who grabs an angry cat though? Seriously?
That was my thought too. I'm also having trouble understanding how she got bit 35 times, but I confess that anytime I've gotten bit it was because the cat wanted to get away from me. I've never been attacked by a cat that was serious about it.

A friend did have a cat that liked to go for ankles, but it only got me once.
I have a cat that will nip me if I'm ignoring him and he wants attention. I also had a cat once apon a time that the vets had to seriously put into a kind of cat strait jacket when she had to go in and get her yearly check up and shots. She was viscious when provoked LOL! neighborhood dogs were afraid of her. Our own dog would peek into rooms and avoid any room that cat was in for fear. It was a german shephard dog.
Well, let me tell you it's true that cats can and do attack for reasons unknown to anyone but the cat. Our cat was in another room and I was in the kitchen putting something in the trash (nothing cat-related) when the cat flew around the corner and literaly JUMPED into my face. I finally got the cat off me but not until I was scratched, clawed, chewed and bruised from my hairline down to my shins. Once I threw the cat off, it went down into the basement. I was checking out my injuries when the cat came flying back up the stairs at me. I ran into the bathroom and slammed the door just as the cat hit it, hard! DH grabbed the broom and managed to get the cat outside. I looked like someone who had been in a slasher movie. I had bruises on my chin where it hit me so hard. I even ended up with cat scratch fever that lasted the better part of six months. Bottom line is cats are sneaky, devious predators and I will NEVER have another one in my house. Needless to say, we had the cat put down.
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The neighbor's cat was a cross-eyed simese (sp?). This kitty would purr and rub itself along your legs just begging for attention. Natural reaction for me was to bend down and pet her, like I do with my own cats. WRONG!! It was a ploy to attack your hand. She'd purr and act like she was truly enjoying the petting one moment and somehow, without warning, would twist herself around and grab your wrist with her front paws and kick with her back paws while doing her best to bite you all to bits. The owner knew this and had all four paws declawed, so it was pretty easy to just pull your hand away from the fangs. Wonder how many times they suffered the scratches before they declawed her!
My kitty sleeps on my pillow sometimes on my head, he massages my head while I drift off to sleep, well, that is what I thought he was doing, now i am beginning to think that he is trying to suck out my brains, or brainwash me. He also sits on my shoulder and tries to steal food off my plate, last night he tried to stick his paw in my ice cream cone, I am now questioning everything he does!:pound:
Years ago a friend told me about how his cat just attacked him as he came into the room where the cat was. No rhyme or reason. Reading the original post brought back memories of his attack.
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