This is going to be a challenge

Discussion in 'Countryside Families' started by moopups, Dec 17, 2006.

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    May 12, 2002
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    I noted earlier today my neighbor "L" (upper 70's)appears to be losing her ability to concentrate. She asked to see how a puter works, offered to supply me with her nephews email address so they could communicate whenever needed.

    Very understandable, shes from a far away place, but understands electronic communications are instant. She is 'old school', she will not even sit on the back porch unless Fla Gal is home, as if I were a threat to her feminine orientation. I can't even threaten my self, much less others at this age.

    I will give her my email address to snail mail her relatives and offer to convey messages when necessary; when she chooses to leave the face of this Earth, it will be kind for someone to notify her relatives.

    The real challenge is when am I going to become this disassociated with life? I have prime examples displaying their situtations right now, what am I supposed to learn from them?
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    This is why I try to keep my brain as active as I can. I read alot, have active discussions on politics and whatever is going on in the world. If ya dont use it ya lose it as they say. Not everyone has to get senile or forgetful. My mom had an active intelligent brain right up to the end and she was 91 when she died...Now, what was your question again? :p

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    Staying active seems to be the key to a happy retirement. It sounds silly to many people to belong to a group that meets for lunch once a week, but it gives you someone to talk with, and individuals in such groups usually support one another when a spouse dies, when you end up in the hospital, etc. The thing is, I see many elderly people sitting lonely in their houses waiting for somebody to visit them. You need to get out and do the visiting, whether it's friends' houses or formal gatherings.