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Discussion in 'Home Defense/Guns' started by Tarot Farm, Jul 6, 2006.

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    May 22, 2005
    Today is the first time that I have ever checked out this forum. I have been on here for some time and posted on most of the other forums at one time or another. Why I neve checked out this forum is beyond me. I belong here, as I was in the US Army for 6 years.

    I guess that I am here now because of the scare from 'north korea' and the thoughts of missles are going through my head again. I was one of those school kids who used to go through the drills and hide under our desks in case we were attacked, or bombed. I have not forgetten that and I suspect that others have not forgotten those drills either.

    Yesterday, the price of gas was $ it is $3.09 and the gas stations are saying that they do not know how much gas is available or if they will have enough after the weekend. My next thoughts are if there is no gas, no fuels, there will not be food or medications for us who need it.

    I just want to say ~thank you~ to all of the others on here who did their part in defending this country in times past...and now. I guess that we see things a bit differently than those who are sitting around and doing nothing to help themselves...when TSHTF. I think that we are closer to that happening now than back when we were kids under our desks.