Things to take care of before a rural move

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by perennial, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. perennial

    perennial Well-Known Member

    Aug 23, 2004
    For any of you that have moved from a suburb to a very rural location -

    Where there any things you wished you had taken care of before the move
    when it was move convenient?

    For example, i'm having timing belt, oil, etc. done on my car because the dealer
    is pretty close.

    We are all seeing our doctors/dentists before we move.

    Anything else to offer?
  2. Mutti

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    Sep 7, 2002
    You may be surprized over the quality level of businesses in the country...yes, some are jerks but we have an excellent mechanic who moved from the big city,too--has the latest diagonostic machines and doesn't charge an arm and a leg ....and the man who remodeled our century-old farmhouse came from California where he built houses for the "stars"...meticulous work. Our country friends all seem to have several services they offer and we are well satisfied when we hire them for dozer work digging out our ponds or repairing barn roof. When we first came here we just asked at the lumber yard where we were spending all our time and they suggested the best people for doing an old house. Maybe we have just been lucky but I don't think so; whether you are a mechanic or dentist or dozer operator you aren't gonna get alot of repeat customers if you don't provide good service; city or country. We have a neighbor who provides "custom farming" and I use the term loosely as no one hires him twice and we steer all newcomers away from his services!!! DEE

  3. Jan Doling

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    May 21, 2004
    Zone 9b
    If the new area is only a few hours from the old, as soon as you are certain, you might want to rent storage near the new area and spend weekends moving things to it. While you are there, ferret out info on the best local services and introduce yourself to the feed store folks, etc. This helps calm the "need to know nows" and makes you feel more in charge.
  4. happy@home

    happy@home Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2005
    Make sure you don't mind the smell of manure. Really. I have a new neighbor who is complaining about the smell from the fields around her house that a local famer owns. If you are going to move to the country you'd better be ready to accept the smell on occasion.
  5. Cygnet

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    Sep 13, 2004
    Middle of nowhere along the Rim, Arizona
    Make sure you have the KNOWLEDGE you need to live in the country.

    Can you deal with a poisonous snake? Know how to avoid them? I had new neighbors who asked me if there were poisonou snakes (rattlers) in the area -I advised yes, but you're not likely to see them often as they're shy. They promptly went wading through the bushes while yacking away and not watching where they walk. Yup,cityfolk. Watching for snakes is second natureonce you've stepped on a few ...

    How will you deal with bad weather if the power goes out and you're stuck becase of flooding or washed out roads or in a snow area, snow?

    If you're driving on dirt roads, get a "self-extraction" kit NOW because you don't kno if you'll have help -- shovel, jack, boards, carpet scraps, come-along, if ice is a problem, sand/kity liter, chains, etc.

    Post more later, my break's overnow. :)
  6. busy homestead

    busy homestead Well-Known Member

    Apr 20, 2005
    I say AMEN to happyhomes post.

    Actually so much so that I am going to start a thread
    regarding that.

    Please make sure that you arent moving to the country and
    then asking your neighbors to change the way they
    do things. Be ready to be the one who comprimises (sp?).

    athome in South Dakota