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Discussion in 'Goats' started by Reauxman, Apr 30, 2006.

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    Sep 14, 2002
    So I decide today to milk off the new girls. Well, one doe(who has about two gallons of good milk in her udder) kicks when you touch the udder. I got about a quart out by tying her feet(really needed to get some out), but the milk was thrown out as she had got her feet in the pail. Any ideas?

    Now for the topic. The little sanaan doe hasn't been milked at all. She kidded around Easter, rejected the kid and hasn't liked people since. I wrestled her onto the stand, and began milking out her tiny udders. She had begun to dry up I assume, as her udders are very small. What I got was exactly like condensed milk(color and thickness). I milked until she didn't seem to have any more in there. Do you think she will keep producing? Should I treat her for something? I'm really green at this. I assume I'd need to milk her out for a while before we drink from her to get all the gook out if she does produce more milk.
    BTW, the sanaan was great on the stand, but that small udder was h311.
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    Apr 14, 2005
    RooMaN: This is my first year at milking, but this is what I did: While my goat was pregnant, I fed her on the stanchion 2xday, messing with her belly, her udder and her teats. She got used to it, and I think that's the only reason she allows me to milk her now. Of course, when her food container becomes empty, she stomps her feet and tries to kick me and the milk pail. You have to be ready to pull the pail away quickly, or her foot will go in the milk. I've had to dump milk a couple of times. Be ready with treats after the bowl gets empty (black oil sunflower seeds and animal crackers are her favorite, altho we have a 2-cookie limit here). I'm probably over-feeding her, as she gets 2 lbs. grain, 2 handfuls of sunflower seeds, 1 handful of calf-manna, a 2-handed scoop of dried beet pulp soaked in water and 2 animal crackers. This is her 2xday diet she gets when I feed/milk her. Your goat(s) really need to feel comfortable with you touching her 'there'. Good luck.
    - Kathy

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    I'd say its unlikely that the little doe will come back into milk....and it sounds like the other doe was allowed to get too full which may end up causing her to dry off as well and/or get mastitis...

    Get some one inch rocks like 5-6 to put into grain on milkstand...this will slow them down and save your grain!
    Next get the milk stand next to the wall...tack a nail to the wall about a foot over rump height when goat is on the stand...get a piece of bailing twine and tie it so you have a bout a two foot diameter circle...take her back leg on the side of her that isnt against the wall and loop twine at about her "knee" spot (where long bone meets thigh) hook other end of twine on the nail. Now your goat can't dance while you milk....she'll be mad but she'll soon learn to be a lady whether she has food to eat or not....I also give a special treat(piece of bread) to my new milkers after I am completely done...but I keep them locked in on milkstand for it and its the only place treats are given until they are completely trained.