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They are home!!!

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They are here!!! :banana02: We've had a lot of fun just watching them today. They were in a mostly dirt pen before they came here, so I think the older goat was having minor issues with bloat tonight after munching on the grass, tree bark, etc. They are very content acting. Low bleating when we leave the pen, but that's it. Very quiet girls.

Here's a pic of Chessie (front) and Paris (in the back with the funny scur)

And another :D

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I meant to add that they have free access to baking soda, and she took some licks of that, but has acted completely fine.

They had just been worked with Cydectin a week ago, do I still need to worm them with the Quest I just got?
They are beautiful! Your set up and fencing looks good too!! Congrats to you :)
Your new girls are just beautiful. I'm sure you're thrilled with them.
They look like they are Happy already! Nice place for your goats that you have set up.

Sometimes moving to a new home can be very stressful on goats. Myself I would worm them now & again in 10 days but others may do differently.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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