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There is a place for wildlife killers

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snake killer **** too! I hate those things. My skin crawls just to see one. T****'s a reptile shop close to us and one day they were standing out at the side of the road(grand opening I think) and trying to get people to come in. Each of the two people had a huge snake wrapped around their necks. I almost reaer ended the car in front of me trying to get away from them. I remember as a child sitting on my grandparents steps and a copperhead coming right up on the steps beside me. Luckily my grandpaw was right t**** with a hoe and quickly dispatched it. Also remember him killing a HUGE snake that was killing chickens. Half of it was up the tree and half on the ground. When my oldest dd was about 3 we were outside and she kept asking me what something was. I had checked the area before I put her down. A copperhead had crawled right beside her and was curled up around one of her toys. I grabbed her and called the dog. He would kill any snake he found. All I had to do was point and say snake and he wouldn't give up till he found it and it was dead. It was a sad day when he left us. yet to find another dog like that though I suspect my lab now would kill them. As long as they stay away from the yard and I don't SEE them they'll live. If I see them they're goners. I've watched that show on animal planet about the snake er enough times that t****'s no way I believe they are harmless critters.
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1 - 1 of 78 Posts
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