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We were watching an animal planet show on rattlers and the roundups. It got me thinking about natural cycles. In nature, animals thrive until they overpopulate an area then succumb to disease and starvation; natures own version of animal control. Man may be interfering with nature's own version of animal control(though one can include us as part of nature's solution), however, if poisonous snakes were allowed to overpopulate, not only human kind would be in emminant danger, there'd be dieseased and starving snakes everywhere. So, in our own way, unless it becomes an issue of exstinction (some believe it already is, I know), we are in our own way serving the snake population by keeping it under control, no?
My view is that killing for no reason is wrong, but sometimes to protect ourselves, our children and animals themselves killing is a choice we have to make. I have a hard time doing it and don't even kill spiders, I relocate them to the outside. I have chosen to put animals in pain to sleep, though.
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