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    Jun 19, 2004
    I'm a caffeine addict. Even though it exacerbates my anxiety substantially, I've used soda to self-medicate for YEARS. When drinking Coke I drink absolutely no water, I snack a LOT, I drink a LOT of Coke, it's an awful addiction that I have been unable to give up for years. I also retain a lot of fluid in my ankles/legs because of the caffeine. It's hideous. My overall *being* was one of lethargy, slept late, ready to nap within an hour of waking, just *blah* all day long.

    After a friend recommended the Zone diet to me last November I checked the book out from the local library and read it, I agreed with the science behind it - everything sounded very reasonable, figured I'd give it a shot. Of course you can't change your eating habits over the holidays so I did as many do, I decided to start on the 1st. (I always have to pick a start date, can't just take on anything instantly, for whatever reason.) So on the 1st I stopped drinking soda cold turkey and began eating my meals according to the basic principles outlined in the zone. I did take an Advil that first day due to a headache (the typical caffeine withdrawal, I'm sure.) but I cannot tell you how much better I feel and I've not had a single craving for a Coke since the first. I lost 5-8 lbs within days due to water-weight, of course, but within 3 days I could tell a difference in the way my jeans fit, I'm no longer perpetually sluggish, and I'm FREE from the affects of caffeine. I'm really amazed at how well I'm doing and the best part is that I can still eat out (Wendy's Chili & a side salad is one of several recommended Fast Food fair) when I'm in town and not wanting to have to cook! You eat quite a bit of food, but in a specific ratio of protein/favorable carbs (low glycemic index)/fat.

    At any rate, I just thought that if there are any of you out there who are struggling with cravings and couldn't find anything to help you might want to check out the Zone and see if it doesn't work for you as well as it has thus far for me. I'm truly impressed and this is the first 'diet' I've ever tried to follow mainly because of the pop addiction, but also because my Mom was diagnosed with Type II diabetes a year or so ago and I have a whole mess of family history that I'm worried about catching up with me.