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The "Winning" photos for 2012

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Cover = photo 35 - with 17 votes

Jan = photo 55 - with 6 votes

Feb = photo 54 - with 8 votes

March = photo 68 - with 5 votes

April = photo 34 - with 6 votes

May = photo 13 = with 7 votes

June = photo 47 = with 6 votes

July = photo 32 = with 5 votes

August = photo 84 = with 6 votes

September = photo 12 = with 3 votes (the higher number of votes are already taken on other months)

October = photo 46 = with 30 votes

November = photo 26 = with 7 votes

December = photo 31 = with 21 votes

Many of the rest of the photos will be scattered around in blank spots of the calendar.
And that one that was suggested but not sent in to be voted on, I'll find it and get it put in somewhere in the extras for this calendar.

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21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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