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  1. Hmmmm.... I watched the most ridiculous show last night. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie....Hollywood Hoes Do Small Town America.

    Apparently the parents of these two idiots should have had their children removed by the state a long time ago. I can only think that the parents must be the biggest lying, cheating, lazy, sex crazed self-indulgent morons to ever breed. Plus I think the Hilton's are starving Paris and both girls must have been prostituted by their families.

    Cents can't buy sense.

    The father asked the girls to be serious.....both girls are dellusional and living in an unreality.....not likely to happen!

    This poor family is going to have to pack up and move and poor grandma is going to die of a broken heart from the way those girls disrespect her. All the young boys in town are going to go blind....but I bet their parents have warned them about..........

    I had no idea that people could be so stupid and be okay with it. Shame on Oprah for having the Hilton's on her show. Shame on the Hilton's for wanting to show their faces in public. Shame on me for watching the show....

  2. big rockpile

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    Feb 24, 2003
    Well I'm praying for the young Ladies.If they was a little younger they would be making a trip to the Wood Shed.

    They kind of remind me of my Daughter,she don't think real people work in Factories or live in simple houses.To me I think she thinks real life is like the Soap Operas.

    big rockpile

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    Sep 4, 2002
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    It's just a "reality" tv show,.... purely for the entertainment of the american public (as well as for ratings of course). Take it for what it is. It's funny to watch two disgustingly rich girls introduced to the real world. Says Paris; "Walmart? whats that? do they sell wall stuff there?" "A well? whats that for?",... c'mon folks,... it's funny. Don't be so serious.
  4. It is funny but in a sad sort of way.....

    I believe they are so stupid as to not know what a well is for. I think their spelling words were their name and other desingners names and when they couldnt spell Donna Karen New York it became DKNY.

    I think that many many rich people grow up without any basic human values and a conscience and thats why our stock market is where it is and people like Martha Stewart thinks she can get away with insider trading kust like the girls charging at the feed store.....our kids would have gone to jail or juvey!

    They couldnt even make their damn bed! And the dog peed on the floor and no one cleaned it..... The girls had their butts hanging out...I wanted them to get a bug up their butts so bad.....think they'd cover up then? Probably not as ignorant as they are about cause and effect....
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    May 10, 2002
    I saw the bit on Ophra with them Monday by accident. Watched cause I wanted to see who this Paris Hilton was that I've been deleting spam mails about.

    The two girls reminded me of Barbie dolls come to life. They are pretty in a certain kind of way, but I think I prefer the Laura Ingels Wilder type of pretty.


    PS: But don't you think it'd do something to you to be wanted for what you are, not who you could be? The money and the name and the looks. All things that can go.
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    May 10, 2002
    We had the TV on when the first show was on a few weeks ago and curiousity got the better of us( only for about 5 minutes :eek: ) Our ds, 15yrs.old laughed so hard when Paris asked "What's a well" he literally fell off the couch. Now talk about dumb :eek: We could see within that 5 minutes this was going to be a stupid reality show and from what I've read above that's just what it is. I feel bad for the family that took those two girls in, and I think that the young men will get wise to them right away. The problem I have with the show is that what are they teaching these girls, when they don't do the work, they still get paid. They were working at a dairy and wasted gallons upon gallons of milk, supposedly filling milk jars for resale. They watered it down, dropped the nozzle in the dirt and then continued filling the bottle anyway. Nothing to say of they went into the house and ended up in the hot tub and then sleeping on the couch :no: They should have lost all their pay and had to make up for the lost milk. It's a sad day when shows like this come on TV for entertainment, because not only do the girls look like idiots, but so do the farmers, ranchers and anyone else who puts up with their junk. :rolleyes:
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    Jun 20, 2003
    I agree with Kelle. I've seen a couple of the episodes just to see if those girls could get any more stupid and self indulgent. Well, from what I've seen they have. I've talked to my hubby about the show and we've wondered if they actually act like that in "real" life or if it's a set up for the camera. I mean the one girl is a Hilton (which is considered in some aspects as american "royality"), I doubt her family would put up with that in real life. I also doubt that the town of Altus would put up with either. I just wonder how much fox is paying the Leding family or the rest of the town for that matter to put up with all the girls crap. Something to sit and ponder on.

    Nine blessings,

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    Jun 4, 2003
    Don't get me wrong, I spend my time watching that show (and I do watch it every week :eek: ) with my hand over my mouth in horror, but how are they different from the redneck (and I use this term for argument's sake only) that gets thrown into the city and doesn't know what to do? When I heard Paris ask what Walmart was ("Is that where you buy wall stuff?"), I wasn't surprised at all. It's no different than a country girl in the middle of Manhattan asking what Sak's is ("Is that where you buy chicken food bags?"). They grew up isolated in their environment just like some kids grow up in a shack in the Ozarks. The Hilton shack just happens to a Fifth Avenue penthouse, with room service 24/7. To say they're rude, dishonest, dirty-minded and flaky, well that would be a fair assessment. To say the girls are dumb for not understanding what's foreign to them, regardless of the reason or their net worth, is unfair.
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    Jul 30, 2003
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    These people are not doing this for nothing, they will be paid well. :confused:

    How much would you charge to be on TV ? :D

    Also babysit some uncontroled wild undisciplined,
    none caring people in your home ? ? ? :eek:

    ("royality") Yes I believe it could be a royal pain in the neck,
    to have to deal with all that foolishness.

    But they don't have to be rich to act like they do.
    There a plenty of people who act just like this, and they are not rich.
  10. If you think that the Hilton parents or Lionel Richie are disappointed in their kids behavior apparently you didnt see Oprah! It appeared to me that the Hiltons were very supportive (especially financially) of their daughters. Proud of them for earning their own money and not paying the water bill and losing their water (where-ever it comes from).

    Yes they are getting be their dumb-lazy butt crack showing selves.....but it is hardly the comic genius of Roseanne, Robin Williams, or Bill Cosby.

    I think they got their brains screwed right out of their heads.....long before good parents let their kids play with screwdrivers.

    They are a disgrace to the human race and their parents couldnt raise a dog with complete certainty.
  11. deberosa

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    Dec 13, 2003
    Floyd County, VA
    I watched a little bit - I think they are putting on a show - not reality at all and the family is playing along. It's all about big $$$$. They had to be to even get all those jobs and not just boot them out when they stole the mother's day present. BUT every once in a while I thought I caught a glimmer that they really might "get" it amongst all of the acting out. I guess it's too much to think it might end that way, with them getting some value out of the experience.

    Sorta like my grandma when she would rant about the guys cheating on wrestling and gossip about that awful nurse on General Hospital. :)
  12. JWH123

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    Feb 3, 2003
    I'd been mildly interested in seeing this show since I've seen the commercials. Last night, they had a mini-marathon (I think there's only been 3 or 4 episodes so far) and I caught half of two episodes. (The end of the Sonic, and most of the county fair one)

    I don't doubt they're snotty kids in real life (how old are they, I'm picturing them as about 16 by how they look and act, but they're probably 20-22?) but I think a lot of the show is purely an act. People are getting paid a good amount of money to go out of their way to accommodate these girls. The girls are getting paid (do they need any more money?) I truly believe nobody can be that stupid and just unknowing about the world at large.

    I've heard of the part where they ask 'what's Wal-Mart?', discussed on some board (it may have been this one). You don't grow up the child of one of the richest people in America and not know of the second-richest family in America (the Waltons). I'm not saying they have chicken barbeques every Saturday afternoon, but they know what Wal-Mart is. One of the largest corporations in America. They may not have ever stepped foot inside one, but they know what it is.

    Another thing - isn't Lionel Richie black? Is Nicole's mother albino? Nicole has very light skin to be even half-black, I think.

    Amusing entertainment for half an hour, but that's about it. I'll not lose any more sleep over the show.


    Edited to add- I notice the Bunim/Murray label at the beginning and end of this show - the same team that brings you MTV's "The Real World".
  13. I thought Paris Hilton was a hotel. Too much travel time & not enough prime time I guess. Now I understand, she's just a ho.
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    Jan 19, 2003
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    Actually Nicole was adopted by Lionel when she was 3 and apparently ran into him while he was out on the town. Seriously. She doesn't keep in touch with her own biological family because apparently they gave her up or something.

  15. CraftyDiva

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    Aug 25, 2003
    Given the time slot this show airs, I'm guessing it's target audience is 16 to 20 something. I've watched this show from the start (not in that target audience), just to see Altus, Ar. and get an idea of the area.

    I think it's pretty funny in spots, the Grandmother is now sticking up for them after they baked pies for the the "Fair", and bragged to the neighbors about the girls. There's money somewhere here.

    The Father, tells them "Curfew is Midnight" and then stands in the window as they sneak out of the house at 12:30 to go to town in the truck, nothing is said later. Wanna bet there's some money passing hands?

    The girls set up a kissing booth for the town fair, how much money do you think they made for the town there? One kid tells them he'll give a dollar to see them (Parish and Nicky kiss each other, and the girls freak and are disgusted with the idea) But Nicky comes back with, "I'll kiss you for nothing if you kiss your friend (another guy), the boys couldn't get their lips together fast enough.That was funny, turning it all around instead of adding to the sideshow.

    The girls think of the eldest son as a younger brother, and when his girlfriend breaks up with him, they confront her and tell her, they'll beat anyone who hurts him.

    The girls are in a bar, dancing and laying all over the guys, but make it home without an incident (some drunk trying to push himself on them), of course, off camera we don't know what happened. The town is making money here, aside from having itself seen by millions on TV.

    The mother tells them that their behavior reflects on the family and what the town people will also think of them as well. The girls seem sincere in their apologies and do tone down a little. They don't understand small town mentality and looked shocked when told this.

    If this show was about two city girls coming to the country and playing by all the rules it would be boring. The stunts they pull are for the camera and the SPONSERS love it. This isn't as bad as some make it out to be, and I'm sure by the end, we'll see changes on both sides.
  16. reviekat

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    Aug 31, 2003
    I read an interview with Paris about a week ago and she said that the producers were urging them to do some of the stupid things. She said that she and Nicole wanted to wear jeans and t-shirts, but the producers told them to go the fashion route to enhance the fish out of water scenario. They were also "urged" to be silly in their different jobs.

    I do think that both of these girls have little respect for honest hard-working people, but what do we expect when they have never had to work a day in their life and are given carte blanche on their parents credit cards? And of course, the producers don't help their attitude by encouraging to destroy any work ethic they may have.

    I honestly don't think they are as dumb as they are trying to appear, but I think they could really learn the value and benefit of true hard day's work!
  17. agmantoo

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    May 22, 2003
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    Paris Hilton is her tv name......her real name is Trenton Motel 6
  18. rkintn

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    Dec 12, 2002
    Back in NW TN
    I've seen all 4 episodes and I have to say it is no wonder the rest of the world has a skewed view of Americans. I have to agree with some of the earlier posts..the parents are to blame and it seems that maybe parents and girls alike coulda used a good dose of the ole woodshed! Just a fine shining example that money can't buy you class! Not to mention that they really don't have much going for them except their parents fame and money it is really sad that they don't have any more sense than they do.
  19. Okay somebody fill me in on where you are seeing all of this! Is it on a tv show or are you people opening up your spam mail? Like somebody said above they have been getting a lot of hilton spam mail. Well same here, but I haven't been opening mine. I've been deleting them. I don't watch tv much but my wife does and she hasn't mentioned anything about all of this happening on tv.
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    Feb 24, 2003
    r.h. Fox T.V. Tuesday Night at 7:00

    big rockpile