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What process should one use to try and determine what is wrong with a goat?

For example:

I have a Nigerian buck that is now looking like he's not feeling well at all. What process or course of action should I use?

I'll start with taking his temp, but after that, what? Wondering what thought process, or process of elimination you use to determine treatment.

I do know this, if he gets to looking worse, I'm calling the vet.

why hide it?
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Do a systems check. Respiratory, digestive, reproductive, skin, eyes, ears, feet. Look for anything abnormal or out of whack in those areas. You have a temp, that is a good start.

How is his breathing? fast or slow, labored? Coughing? Sneezing? Discharge? What color and how thick. For how long?

Does he have diarrhea? What color and how much and for how long? Normal pellets? Constipation? When was he last wormed and with what and how much? Is he chewing his cud? Is his rumen active? Is he bloated or skinny? What has he been eating? Is he hungry or off feed, what have you been feeding him?

Is he a wether or a buck? How is he urinating? Is he getting grain? If so does he also get AC? Does he strain to urinate?

Any wounds? Is he scruffy or shiny? Eyes clear and bright? A discharge? Pink or white inner lids? Do his ears look ok on the inside? Could he have an ear infection?...remember, all systems should be checked...think doctors office visit.

How are his hooves? does he have thrush or hoof rot? is he limping?

All these things will give the vet or a goat person an idea of what is going on. It will help you to to figure out his problem. Just start with the obvious. have you made any changes? Are his penmates ok? Is he new? Has the weather changed? New weeds been fed? New feed? Any new meds? Anything and everything is important and nothing should be ignored.

I am sure I left stuff out but this gives you an idea on assessment. Hope this helped :)
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