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Discussion in 'Cattle' started by allenslabs, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. allenslabs

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    Feb 5, 2005
    Have any of you noticed that you can look and look for an animal you want and there is nothing. And then you do find some that are so high you think they must milk themselves. I have been on the Jersey lookout off and on a while now. I noticed some that are 8 yrs old unregistered for $1500!!! Then you find some that are 5 or 6 for $800. Why is that? Both ads will read halter trained and a good cow but that is almost double! It's crazy! Are people just money hungry or is th animals really that much better? I have found some first time heifers for $800 and then one that's a second timer for the same but then I see 1200, 1500 and think my what's the difference?? Any idea? I've finally just decided to call some dairies and call about their old cows as they can go for about 500 and I just don't really have a whole lot more than that to spend. I did find one guy who has a first timer who will take 500 and the calf the cow will deliver when it's weaned plus 100 which equals about 900 or so. And she ain't even TAME!!! My my my! Almost think it would pay to get out of the angus cows and go to the dairy cows! Sorry didn't mean to rant but I'm just amazed!
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    Nov 20, 2004
    The cow market is crazy for the time. Most Jersey springers sell for a minimal $1500 privately, you can find them for under 1000 at an auction. A cull cow here in the miidwest brings at least 40 centss per pound. So even a cull should be 400 to 500. People use this as a guideliine for their prices. Milk prices should stay strong, as should beef prices. Canadain border stays closed ,and corn hay is fairly cheap. These all drive up the prices. You want a cheap cow go to canada and smugglle some in!!! For that $500 you can get six or more ( at least two good ones). Why some people inflate there pricec is to attract serious buyer or just good stock. To sell our Jerseys through the breed assoc. we have to run about $100-200 worth of test, so oof course they cost more. Usually the cheapest cow is not the best buy, nor is the most expensive. An older cow that is still usable should be in the $800 range. Younger animals tend to bring more as they have less chance to bring disease and more potential. Here we have animals that start at 500 and keep going up up and up. The highest price ones probably are not worth it but I really don't want to sell them anyway.

    PS nice older cow could be a family cow, open, 500, older cow,open will make a good family cow for 950, nurse cow, 11 yrs 1250, many others

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    Dec 13, 2004
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    Bought my 4 Jersey heifer calves @ 2months, for 500-600 each. Some of hers (one a spunky line) was $2000, another that wasn't spunky line, was going for 1000, some others were 800. The brown swiss we bought went for 2250.00, the holsteins were 2k a piece, with the another place was 1500 a piece. All registered stock. Now I've seen auction prices for 88lb-100lb calves. They are going for about 500-700.00. Amazing stuff...

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    May 10, 2002
    I’m seeing pretty much the same thing. Last year I could pick up week old jersey and short horn heifers for 250.00 – 350.00 each now I can’t find anything. Unless the cow is a total dud the dairies are keeping them because the milks prices are high and when they do sell them they’re asking ridiculous amounts. I’ve been offered 500.00 for my new heifer that turns a week old tomorrow. I plan on keeping her though.

    You know the prices are high when I’m making a couple of bucks off of a couple of jersey steers that I’ve raised for my freezer. A couple of guys at work was complaining about how high beef steers had gotten so I sold them the jersey steers for 1.00lb

    It looks like my spring calves should bring in a few bucks this year. I saw what looked to be a 2 or 3-day red Angus bull calf sell for 270.00 today at the sale barn in Potosi MO. I can remember the time when bottle calves of any breed went for 10.00 a pop and you had to watch them when they were loading them cause they would throw in a couple of extra on you while you wasn’t looking. Things sure have changed in the past 10 years.

    Jim in MO
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    Aug 13, 2003
    I have found that cow prices are always crazy when you start looking at registered animals. One person will want a gazillion dollars for theirs and the next will be reasonable. I honestly don't think that most of the higher priced cows are worth that kind of money. It's all hype. Have you ever seen the sale catalogs that scream how this cow's sire's-half-brother's-mother's-sire sold for $50,000? Well, shoot, then this cow must be worth at least $5,000, right???

    It's a joke.

    I often wonder how many of those over-priced animals end up at the local sale barn being sold without papers because the people priced themselves right out of the market.

    Keep looking until you find the animal you want at a price you can afford. You are not giving up anything by by-passing those over-priced cows!