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Mainly because most of them are gone now, thats WW2 vets; one source says its 1,100 per day now; was 1,500 per day a couple of years back. Over 4 million served overseas in WW2, now they are gone for good, yes 'good', the horrors are leaving our scope of knowledge. The only problem is that the politicians are adding to that bank of horrors with todays quest for more power and money via oil sources.

The veterans voteing block is becomeing less daily, the politicans know this; this is why the fund are being removed from VA purses. When I first was diagonosed with diabeties it was unlimited test strips for my blood sugar monitor, now I get 45 for each 90 day period. My foot doctor ordered new diabeties shoes for me, the 'fitter' in the supply department cancelled the order, I ask why, he said clinic policy. Thank you elephants; donkeys, don't get swelled heads just yet, I have no use for you either. I would support any united party that stood for common sense, not likely these days.

The real question is; what is happening to the funds freed by the dieing vets? Is it going to Iraq? We are talking about 100 thousands per day here, where is it going? Ask Bush and Kerry, they might know, but I would not exspect them to say the truth about it, in truth I do not believe they know what truth is about anything. In my opinion both are blantant liers.

Did you notice when the Bush rateings were under 50% there immediantly surfaced the Iraq prisoner scandle, complete with obeviously 'staged' photos? The female soldier had a cigarette in her mouth that was never lit; who knows a smoker whom carries a cigarette in their mouth and never lights it? Who knows of a Southern woman whom would be capeable of participateing in such an action, the laughing at naked prisoners? Via the grapevine I am sure she was ordered to do this, who furnished the leash? This is how stupid the politicians think you are.

Because I am PTSD positive and have a GAF of only 40, they can declaire me insane at any time to cause exit of me from this medium, if I disappear it is the currant administrations fault, the ones 50% of you voted for. Isn't it strange that the state which changed the election was the state where the prezs brother is governor?

Why did Kerry cross the road? Never mind, he is back on the other side......

When are we going to get REAL choises? REAL candidates? REAL people running?
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