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the grilled cheese sandwich. :)

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a little comfort food from my childhood, often consumed with the infamous tomato soup! seems it's been forever since I had one. guess I'm often lazy about lunch, being by myself I just grab...whatever. well...hub is home, and suddenly there he was ...wanting fed. (funny how he shows up for food) LOL behold! that grilled cheese sandwich came to mind. YUM...double YUM!!! all gooey cheesey wonder. I think I have a renewed addiction. :) now..if only I had my mama's tomato soup!
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Did someone mention grilled cheese sandwiches? Yum. My favorite sandwich.

I like mine with bacon and sliced tomatoes - cook the bacon first then add the bacon and tomatoes to the cheese sandwich before grilling it in the bacon fat in the frying pan.

I also like grilled Velveeta or cheddar sandwiches done open faced under the broiler with a little bit of sliced onion on them - so nice all bubbley and browned. I call them 'growlies'. Delicious.
Thanks for posting that link! :)
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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