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Two guys, one old and one young, were pushing
their carts around Wal-Mart when they collide.

The old guy says to the young guy, "Sorry about that.
Been trying to find the little woman.... I've been looking
for my wife, and I guess I wasn't paying attention to where I was going."

The young guy says, "That's OK. Strangely enough,
I've lost my old lady too...... So it's a coincidence.
Been looking all over for her, too. I can't find her
anywhere in the store and I'm getting a little worried."

The old guy says, "Hey, maybe we can help each other out.
Tell me, what does your wife look like?" The young guy says,
"Well, she is 24 years old, about 5' 7"tall, with blonde hair, blue eyes,
long legs, big boobs, and she's wearing tight white shorts, a halter top and no bra.

Soooo......What does your wife look like? "

The old guy says, "Never mind......It doesn't really matter --- let's go look for yours instead." :facepalm:

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That's why there are no jobs advertised available in Wall mart's Search and Rescue Department. Once the old dudes get a job like that they stick to it like glue. Only thing they ever need is greeters, checkers, and stockers, never S&R not ever! Bet you never even knew they had a S&R Dept. did you?? LOLOL :thumb::buds::facepalm:
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