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I left my sneakers in the sunroom the other day because they had goat poop on them....

Every morning my Kitty (thats his name) greeted me at the door after my bus run looking for affection....

Every morning as I petted him a squirrel chattered from atop the woodshed so I told Kitty "you really need to get that squirrel".....

All I got was purr purr rub rub.....

This morning I was startled by a big grey furry thing laying across my sneakers in the sunroom.

Do you suppose Kitty knows...."Ask and you shall receive" ???

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Sorry but not the guy from Early Edition....

My neighbor looks just like Osama and could probably teach him a few things about being on the run...... ;-)

Kitty got a mouse around noon-ish yesterday,too.

He is a good boy but he drools because his fangs are so long they hang out his mouth.

Our dog (female) nursed the cat and now they sometimes work together on huntin' nasties. Very funny to watch. Dog is a German Shorthair Pointer. We found a patridge tail in the woodshed the other day. Damn animals eat better than we do!
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