The Campbell Co. jail fell over...

Discussion in 'Goats' started by Wingdo, Aug 22, 2006.

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    This is a re-post from the poultry forum, but also has information that is needed for my goats...

    What's this got to do with chickens? Well... quite a bit actually.

    Last spring they were adding a section to a Northern KY. jail, and it just so happens my son is a deputy there. Well, there came a big wind and knocked that baby to the ground before they put the "skin" on it and suddenly there was a couple of tons of nothing but kindling (according to the contractor) that needed to be moved in a hurry! My boy, bless his rotten little heart, just knew his daddy would love to have more lumber to play with, so he brought me up two very large pick-up truck loads of it... along with a walk-in refrigerator (less the cooling unit). Talk about an old man having a great day!!!

    Anyway, the boys off-loaded all this lumber, to their mama's dismay, and suddenly she couldn't find me... for weeks! We built us a brand new 16' sq. foot barn for about $150... not to mention what I paid four sailors on leave one weekend (they needed money for church activities... so to speak).

    It's all but completed now, but I'm still having a bit of trouble figuring out how to build two things to make it complete:

    One is exactly how to build a lock-down mechanism for working on our goats, and the other is a way of building shelves for poultry cages that are not so hard to clean after the birds are in them for a week. Does anyone have any basic designs that have worked out? And even more importantly, are you willing to share through the art of photograghy, how their designs work?

    I need this before the snow flies, as I can't get anyone around here, except me, that will get away from warming their butts on the stove once the temparatures hit "chilly" (10-30 degrees).

    Come on guys... break out those cameras, and show me those beautiful interior bird house designs, and goat lock-downs if you have them, for an old fat man that isn't used to having twenty five occupied cages, and a big, fat, over-grown Boer buck, all at the same time!

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    What is a goat lock down?

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    Sounds like a military term for the area where you keep the goats, or perhaps the ara where you take them individually for shots ot hoof trimming. Going by context.