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The 9-Month Tally is Done!! THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!

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Hello TESTERS! Because of all your hard work, the 10th edition is going to be so much better.

The original commitment that you all made was to test/critique 156 recipes or how-to sections of the book over the course of a year. Some of you have only joined TESTERS recently so that "one year" started later for you.

Please don't be embarrassed if your test numbers are on the low end. EVERY posting you have made is greatly appreciated by me, even if there is only 1! This time only 44 of about 150 people who signed up have posted even once this quarter, so if you're on the list for posting even once this quarter, you're in the top 33% of TESTERS! The first 3 months, 1,819 test and how-to inputs were made. The second 3 months 1,267 new ones have been made. In the past 4 months there have been 1236 posts by the TESTERS plus a zillion by shonegar.

It's amazing how much work has been done. Being an FL or artist or some other form of volunteering ought to be worth another bunch of points, though I didn't give any extra points in the following list. Those people do a LOT of extra work and I want to specially thank them and honor them here for all the extra hard work they are doing to get this work done for the 10th edition by naming them!

Rusty and HorseyGirl are keeping our data safe by making monthly backups. :D

Kelle in MT, Leader of Leaders, my right-hand woman. :D

Caroline00--FL of Introduction to Plants :D
DW--FL of Grains :D
Sharon in NY--FL of Vegetables :D
Lisa A--FL of Tree :D
BCR--FL of Herbs :D
Kelle in MT--FL of Food Preservation, the first chapter with a lot of recipes to have ALL the 10th edition recipes tested thanks to an awesome team and Kelle's energetic leadership. :D
Nan--FL of Introduction to Animals :D
Marchwind--FL of Poultry :D
Rebekah--FL of Dairy :D
Kelle in MT--FL of Bee, Rabbit, Sheep & Pig :D

This is a great team and we're accomplishing great things!

I'd also like to thank those TESTERS who have hosted me or are planning to do so in the near future: beulahland, Blu3duk, Lisa A, Shep, Trumpkinland, and zookeeper16. These folks have shown extraordinary courage!!! ;)

I want to congratulate connie in nm, Lisa A, Rebekah, and Cindy Brooks for making it over the 76 line--meaning you're halfway there to that magic 156! :D

I'd like to congratulate beulahland, caroline00, DW, and Nan for staggering over the 156 finish line! You have now finished the original commitment, and 3 months early! :D

BCR, LWMSAVON, and Sharon in NY have long since passed 156 and just continue to rack 'em up, so I'm calling their totals "Almost Infinite."

shonegar, of course, is in a category of his own with God-knows-how-many posts. He'll be in the thousands before it's over: "Absolutely Infinite." 8O

I'd also like to thanks all of you who have edited and/or commented on sections or whole chapters of the book and sent them back to me. I haven't given tally points for that, :oops: but I want you to know what a GREAT help it is to me when you do that! :D

If I've left anybody out, please let me know.


The first number is your total in the first tally, 7 months ago. The number in the middle is your total from the tally 4 months ago. The number on the right side is your current total. If the numbers are the same, there were no new posts. When TESTERS get more than 156, in the next tally I put them into the Almost Infinite category and am no longer tallying. The main purpose of the tally is to find out when you have 78 because at that point you get sent a copy of the Updated 9th Edition; or when you have 156 because then you go on the list for a free 10th edition. I'll be tallying again at the end of the year.

3forus --/--/3
ads4christ 0/1/1
Alison Homa 0/1/1
amy mp 25/33/53
Andrea 0/1/1
Atlantic 0/14/14
aussiegirl 15/30/30
bbbltd --/--/10
Blu3duck 33/42/73
BCR 23/164/Almost Infinite
beulahland 50/154/186
beauglady 78/99/131
boxergal 0/4/23
bunnyschickens 0/20/20
caroline00 106/127/208
Carol K 34/61/61
Cindy Brooks --/--/88
Cindy (SE In) 2/4/4
CJ Tinkle 3/3/3
connie in nm 42/49/89
daileyjoy 0/1/1
defarm2b --/--/16
dfarthing 0/7/7
dffnc 0/2/2
diane 37/69/69
doodles 0/4/4
DW 44/89/164
Elizabeth1 3/6/19
farmmamma3 3/11/12
frontiergal 2/2/14
geminigoats 0/3/15
gg4you4170 0/4/4
Gina NM 64/64/64
grannyjenny 61/61/61
greenacres --/--/5
HandsNHearts 0/13/13
hank;narita 40/42/61
harvestmoon 6/8/8
Hears the Water 2/6/6
hjowens 0/2/2
homestdgrl --/--/12
HorseyGirl --/--/7
Jan in CO 7/7/7
judy018 49/76/79
Joanie 1/1/1
jpatti 2/4/4
Karen Lizzie 0/1/1
KimMC 0/9/9
Kincora Farm 1/2/2
Kelle in MT 78/101/141
Kindred Spirit 7/10/10
lacyj 4/4/4
LauraG. 0/9/9
Lisa A 0/33/150
Little Bit Farm 2/15/15
LuckyGRanch 0/1/1
LWMSavon 64/228/Almost Infinite (91 test reports in one post! 8O )
mammascheets 19/36/36
mamma23boys 86/140/140
mapabarkers 2/2/2
Marchwind 17/21/45
Meadowwood 27/65/67
Melissa 24/24/24
michelemomof3 0/7/7
minniepearl 4/4/4
mobarger 0/7/7
mommyby3 2/3/3
MtnWoman AR 1/1/1
Mullers Lane Farm --/--/4
mysticokra --/--/5
Nan 85/140/197
nebula5 --/--/13
oakhill hubbards --/--/13
Polly in NNY 1/2/2
Prairie 7/7/7 plus drawing
Quiltjude 16/16/16
Raley Family 0/22/37
Rebekah 42/60/88
rewalston 0/22/45
robinkd2 33/58/58
Rose 17/27/27
Rosie 24/24/24
sassenach 30/30/30
sbucknerv 7/19/22
serenetyel2 0/1/1
Sharon in NY 190/233/Almost Infinite
Shep 49/93/102
Sheridan --/--/9
shonegar ...Absolutely Infinite, by far our most diligent poster!
slfisher 1/3/5
Susan c 4/4/4
Susan in Indiana 36/37/37
SW Ohio 10/17/17
Tamralynn 0/1/1
Tana Mc 3/4/4
Terri 0/6/7
Thrifty Sarah 9/11/11
Toad Sticker 2/2/2
Trisha - MN 4/14/14
Trumpkinland 13/30/30
two_barking_dogs 2/5/5
Vicki McGaugh TX Nubians 2/2/2
two_barking_dogs 2/5/5
wildhorses --/--/1
WOFL 16/19/19
zookeeper16 0/16/19
WyoDiane 0/1/1
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Howdy...I know it was just an oversight...but I have over 156 too.
You're absolutely right, Nan. Thank you for calling that to my attention so I could fix it! :D Haven't heard from you for ages. How are you doing otherwise?
I'm getting ready to put Updated 9th editions in the mail to Rebekah, Cindy Brooks, Lisa A., and connie in nm, the newest members of the Halfway-there-club! Did I miss anybody? If so, let me know.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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