Thanksgiving Doghouse

Discussion in 'Countryside Families' started by wyld thang, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. wyld thang

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    Nov 16, 2005
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    ANybody else get in the doghouse over thanksgiving? I'm in my MIL's doghouse, and I wasn't even there;)! We didn't even say we were coming (we are out of state) kept saying no when she asked, yet she planned on having TG at her house (she is in bad health and very weak) for the family because she was sure I'd be there to "do" it for her--course it never would have been up to snuff ;). I've gone to TG at SIL's house and offered to help peel potatos, and ended up doing all the sides, getting the food out, the table and the kitchen cleanup and dishes:). Because I hop to. That's what I'm there for as DIL ;). But that's okay, I know that's the drill for me. My hubby''s very nice to me, and that makes up for it all.

    A few years ago I was in the doghouse for making better artichoke dip than SIL(I had asked specifically what she was bringing, and no one would tell me she was bringing it too). We do have some good laughs about it all though(I mean my hubby and kids and me;).

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    Sometimes I swear it is easier not having any family!!!

    I had TG dinner at a friend's house. I only had to make 1 side dish, and she sent me home with a whole pie! :D

    I remember the days in my second marriage, frantically cooking for a dozen or more of my husband's relatives, who never much liked me anyway. So glad those days are over!!!! :p

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    My kids managed to get in the TG doghouse, but I stayed out. I was pretty put out and stressing over trying to get everything done, when I realized that they could get of their hinney's and help. Once they did, things got done quicker and I was much less stressed. Johnnie and Bailey did exactly what I asked of them and it was such a nice dinner. Devon got in the doghouse because she was sure that she wanted to cook a whole meal and planned everything and so I bought what was needed. Then she has been at my mom's house for the last week and a half and decided that she wanted to go with my mom to my brother's in-law's house for their meal. So here we where, cooking the meal that she planned to cook. We will see what Christmas brings....LOL!
    God bless you and yours
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    I managed to forget the scalloped corn entirely while baking extra bread for the meal. We all gathered at my BIL's home, which is right next door. We were late because the bread wouldnt rise and had to be started over, then we forgot to make the corn. I wound up eating with a baby on each leg. Next year, I"m gettin there early!!