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Thank Yall Prayers answered

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I would like to tell all that said a prayer or had a thought about me when I had my by pass operation THANK YOU. Prayer is answered as I have now a second chance at life. There is still a lot of healing that is to take place. :happy:
Gardens are on hold for the most part.Well I have some really good HT folks that are close to help us thru.
Bandit I already have a couple of pairs of cuffs but thanks for the thought.
As I get stronger I will come back on. There are some that are even now on my prayer list as that is the best I can do for yall.
Thank Yall again The LORD heard ya.:clap:
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Gosh I'm glad you are healing! What a scary thing that is. Wish you lived close, I'd love to help out someones garden.
So glad you are doing better......give yourself time to heal.......
Yay! So glad to hear this! prayers for your continued healing!
Continued prayers for you.

Look forward to you posting more again when you are up to it.
So glad that you are back! Will keep praying for speedy healing!
I am happy to hear you are recovering.
I guess you have a LOT on your plate...
So good to see you better and posting! Take care of yourself! :)
Continued Prayers for your healing and speeding recovery.
Glad your home - just get busy recovering! I'm so happy you're okay and going to feel so much better.
Missed you, you interesting person!
God is so awesome isn't He?

I'm glad you were saved in time and can provide more joy throughout this lifetime. You're very special to us, you know.
Good to have you back Big Dave.Sill praying for your full recovery. eb
Good to hear that you are on the mend!!
It's good to hear from you. I'll be praying for a quick recovery.
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