Texas Land at auction

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  1. CraftyDiva

    CraftyDiva Is anybody here?

    Aug 25, 2003
    10+ Ac and the highest bid is $600. with only about 12 hours to end.

    10.303 Acres Of Beautiful Texas Ranch Land - Undivided Interest

    No Payments or Hidden Costs

    This Parcel is FREE & CLEAR

    Solar Power
    Power Company
    Alternative Waste Disposal
    Wild Horse Adoption Program

    Own your own gorgeous Texas Ranch This beautiful piece of property will make for a great getaway. You can camp, ride horses or motorcycles, hunt and watch the stars Culberson County is located in the Trans-Pecos region of West Texas. It is bordered by New Mexico to the north and by Hudspeth, Reeves, and Jeff Davis counties in Texas. Van Horn, the county seat, is approximately 120 miles east of El Paso in the southwestern part of the county. At an elevation of 4,200 feet, this is a natural habitat for antelope, dove, quail, jackrabbits and an abundance of other small wildlife. Wonderful mountain views and wide open spaces for whatever your needs. Interstate Highway 10 and U.S. Highway 80 cross southern Culberson County from east to west; U.S. Highway 90 enters the county from the south and terminates at Van Horn. Culberson County comprises 3,815 square miles of terrain that varies from mountainous to nearly level, with elevations ranging from 8,751 feet on Guadalupe Peak, the highest spot in the state, to 3,000 feet. The county is in the Rio Grande basin. The Guadalupes are also the home of several endangered or locally rare plant species, including bigtooth maple, ponderosa pine, chinquapin oak, Rocky Mountain juniper, Texas madrone, and Mexican buckeye, and of the only elk in Texas. Today Culberson County is best known as the site of Guadalupe Mountains National Park, which includes Guadalupe Peak and tourism has become increasingly important to the local economy (especially with the closeness of Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico). In 1990 the county population was 3,407; Van Horn was the largest community. Convenient access to the Great Rio Grande River nearby.

    http://web-1.bidz.com/categoryDisplay.php?&level=2&path=0.33&ctgName=Real Estate
  2. fordy

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    Sep 13, 2003
    Whiskey Flats(Ft. Worth) , Tx
    diva, Before I bid on that 10 acres I would call that 214 number and visit with that attorney. Somewhere in the general vicinity they are scattering sludge from sewerage systems on the surface of those big ranches. I would want to know about water quality, water rights, right of way, do you have to build a road to get to the property(?) , are there easements across the 10 ac's or\are along the contiguous boundary lines where other tract owners will have ingress\egress to build a road, etc. Who pays for the survey, closing costs, and on it goes. I think I would just let that deal go on by , ....fordy :)

  3. havellostmywings

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    Aug 20, 2003
    if this land is right outside of van horn to the south.. it is unfarmable... most of it is hills and rocks... we looked at a 40 acre parcel in that general vacinity......... it had deep gullys running thru it from flash flooding... etc.. the only thing it is good for is hunting... and off roading.. and it is soooooooo close to the border, that while we were out there... we were stopped by the Border partrol and asked what we were doing...

    we drove 30 miles west from van horn to sierra blanca and bought 27 acres at 500 an acre... yes it is desert, etc.. but its flat... not in the flood plain.. and easily accessible... its our dream that we are working towards.

    Lynn in Texas
  4. Alice In TX/MO

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    May 10, 2002
    Texas Coastal Bend/S. Missouri
    In Texas, ten acres is not a ranch. In West Texas, ten acres will not support ONE cow.
  5. "This sale is for an undivided interest. An undivided interest is an ownership in property owned by tenants in common. Each tenant has equal right to use and enjoy the entire property".

    I copied this right off of the front page of the web site, all you would really be buying is the right to use the property, along with everyone else. I doubt you could even build anything on it. SCAM!!!
  6. joedupont

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    Sep 13, 2005
    I currently live in Gillette,NJ but will be moving
    I bought 40 acres at 100 an acre maybe a little less in Sierra Blanca,
    From what Ive read this is the dumping ground of the sludge from NY.
    I hope to get down there.. are you down there now?
    What is the dirt like... can you dig in it?
    I want to go underground.
    take care
    Joe Dupont
  7. donsgal

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    May 2, 2005
    SW Missouri near Branson (Cape Fair)
    YES SCAM! We almost got caught up in one of these a couple of years ago. Undivided interest means that you and A WHOLE LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE own the same land. If you build anything on it, then EVERYBODY has the same right to the building or improvements. If there is a LAWSUIT - you are just as vulnerable to a judgment as everyone else. This is a bad, bad, bad situation. There is a lot of land for sale in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico etc., that you can own outright for not much money. Check out tax sales. If you have your heart set on Texas, check out Terlingua Ranches. I'm sure that some of them can be had for back taxes alone.

    Best of luck. Be sure you GO DOWN TO THE PROPERTY and see if you can stand to live there before you spend good money on it. And run like a bunny from "undivided interest"