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Termite treatment in a teardown

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My husband and I are buying land that has an uninhabitable home standing on it. I'm not sure if the house has been formally condemned as it's outsidecity limits and has been owned by family for generations. Termites are the reason for the state of the home. My question is: Do I need to treat for termites if they're still present so they don't move into the new home we'll build?
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Over the past 40 years, 600,000 people have left Detroit. Half of the homes and businesses are vacant. Attempts to deal with the blight, the city began an aggressive plan to tear down 400 buildings each week. Early on, this was done by shoving the house into the basement and covering it up. Termites loved this and grew in numbers. After consuming a few houses, the insects turned on the remaining, occupied, homes. Now, the homes are hauled to landfill and soil is dumped into the remaining hole.
New home construction, by a contractor familiar with termite protection, should solve any concerns.
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