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    Oct 19, 2004
    lot's of people refer to - when something happens or if the world as we know it changes or when "It" all hits the preverbial fan - what do you all think "it" is that will happen, and when? i also think things will change, mostly that the US may not remain the power it is and we'll be more vunerable, and it'll be good to know how to take care of us and ours. love to hear other people's opinion.
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    Jun 19, 2004
    I've heard people describe our current situation as developing into a "Perfect Storm".

    Peak Oil (we are probably at peak now, if not last year -- it will take another two or three years to be sure)

    Current economic troubles -- a house of cards waiting for a puff of wind to collapse the whole thing. If nothing else happens to collapse it, Peak Oil probably will.

    Concerns about infectious contagious disease, such as another flu epidemic to rival the Spanish Flu in 1918

    Climate change, whatever the cause really is

    The fact that we teeter on the verge of war with several small countries, who individually we could probably handle but they are backed by Russia and/or China. Russia and China have both been sounding rather belligerent and blaming us for stuff that they may have been responsible for themselves, such as the school hijacking in Russia.

    Increasing earthquakes and volcanic activity

    Our own increasingly immoral and violent society -- we may just collapse from within

    Open borders and huge numbers of illegal immigrants who are often actively hostile to American interests.

    Is that enough possibilities for you?!?

    And it may not be one, but several or even all of these things more or less together. I don't think the outlook for the near future is very pretty, and I think that anyone who isn't doing what they can to prepare, both physically and spiritually, is foolish.


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    Nov 5, 2003
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    May 10, 2002
    Recessions happen pretty regularely, about every 10 or 15 years. Recessions are not disasterous to us as a country, but they can be to individua families.

    Recessions concern me.

    As for us no longer being the strongest power, well we have only been the strongest power for a short time and so that is not such a big deal. The politicians know very well how to deal with not being the strongest, and our sheer size helps. Not being the strongest does not make us an easy target. A stronger country MIGHT try messing with us, but because of out size it would cost them big time and so they are not likely to start something.

    I do NOT worry about that.

    As for our society being basically corrupt, it has been for a very long time, and so has the other countries. I think that it si because we are dealing with humans here: some where, some how, people will find ways to corrupt anything.

    I don't worry about that, either, as I don't know of any country that is doing better than we are. If it cannot be cured, it must be endured and all that.

    I don't really worry about teotwaki. I DO consider what to do IF...... but I don't EXPECT it at all.

    I expect recession, yes, and possibly depression. I expect major scandals and more soldiers fighting. I expect more neuclear threats from other countries: you cannot put the genie back in the bottle and the knowledge is out there already. I expect more power plays from the nations that have a lot of oil against the nations that do not. I expect more gas shortages and more brown outs and more fighting at the gas pumps. But that is not teotwaki.

    The troubles that we are looking at now we have seen before in this country. We dealt with them before and we will no doubt have to deal with them again. Yes, teotwaki CAN happen, and it is worth thinking about what to do if it DOES happen....but it isn't likely. Possible, but not likely.