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1. Hey honey can your sister join us on the honeymoon
2. we need to get you some of those implants
3. you need to get my mom to teach you how to cook
4. No dear a gallon tub of ice cream is not a single serving
5. why aren't you as flexible as that Ice slater
6 Nah those dont make you look fat, but they do remind me of two hogs in a gunny sack
7. when your done scrubbing the floor come rub my back
8. I was just rubbing sun block on her
9. You should really put on some make up
10. you need to do sit ups

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11. No dear, its not the pants that make your butt look fat.

12. Hey honey, remember that 5 lbs you lost last month? I found it, its right there behind you.
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