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  1. Hi-

    I hope to be out to my rural property in a year or less and am wondering about tv antenaes- the external kind. Currently on a battery operated set outdoors there I can pull in 4 channels quite clearly, but when I go inside only about 2 channels clearly and 1 poorly. Any one have any experince with outdoor tv antenaes? What should I look for? Does price make a difference in reception? Who makes a good one?
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    Jan 8, 2004
    I haven't looked in awhile, but Radio Shack used to have a pretty good selection in their catalogue.

    IME, more money does buy more elements, and that is supposed to lead to better reception. But reception is a funny thing. Years ago, while putting up an antenna on the house, my father-in-law suggested we check the signal strength at several spots. Fifteen feet sometimes made a pretty big difference between watchable, and un-watchable.

    Heigth makes a difference, also. And while I don't know why, higher may not always be better.

    Bottom line - buy a good antennae, mount it where it picks up best, and don't forget to run a line for your radio (I enjoy AM Talkradio at night).

    Good luck!

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    ..........Try to mount about 20' or higher without being blocked by physical objects such as roofs ,etc. Rule #1.....the shorter the elements the Higher the Frequency to be rece'd. Mount your antenna on a pole that can be Rotated with some kind of set bolt. You will probably have to choose which stations you want to watch the MOST . When you find the Optimum direction of your antenna (based upon your chosen stations) tighten your set screw and be happy. The transmitters will not always be situated at the same physical location hence different stations will be stronger from different directions.....fordy :eek: :)
  4. ...those are helpful replies... thank you both....anyone else have any experience?
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    How far your away from the transmiiters and what directions they are in will play a big role in what antenna you need. If all the transmitters are generally in the same direction then a fixed direction antenna is fine. If they are in differant directions then an omnidirectional or rotated antenna will be needed.

    size of antenna or number of elements will determine by distace from the transmitter. You should also consider a preaomplifier on monted near the antenna as well. Radio shack or other electronic store can help you with materinals.

    Also look around at other houses, what size antenna do they have. Count the number of elements (prongs on the anteena) and get one of similar size