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    Jan 6, 2017
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    im sure theres tons of people that might be interested in these ideas --BUT have no idea how to do the wiring / computer board type parts of the ideas ----
    1.) --- a woodgas to create woodgas to run a generator is one idea ---maybe grab internet plans & do a kit to buy ---sorta dry fit all the pieces together & mark them ---then mail them to someone that can have a local welder do the final welds ---or maybe do part of the welding ---so it still fits in a shipping box (smaller one anyways ) then the last of the welds be done on-site :)

    2.) --- HHO generator / separator --ive seen online a lot about fine tuning the frequency of the energy they feed into the HHO machine and I have no clue at all what they meaning ---but im guessing someone could put together a reasonable prices voltage regulator ---so that people without the techy skills can just buy a reasonably priced machine and start making hho & just turn a dial till they think ther hho machine is at peak bubbling ???
    3.) --- I forgot the other thing , ow to not be an airhead :( guess il add it when I remember it
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    I am offering wood gas consulting services, full builds and DIY kits. Would be glad to work with you in helping you get setup to provide similar services if you are interested.
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