Teat dip and cell counts (hey Roseanna!)

Discussion in 'Cattle' started by willow_girl, Feb 28, 2005.

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    I remember awhile back Roseanna (dostthouhavemilk) said she was having a problem with high cell counts in some of her older cows.

    Well, at the farm where I work, we switched to using a product called "Blockade" as a post-dip, with really good results. Our cell counts already had been low, but they went down even more, enough that we started getting a premium for the milk. (My boss joked that the premium just about pays for the difference in price of the dip!) (We are still using a cheaper kind for the pre-dip.) We also started seeing less mastitis.

    Anyway, just thought I'd pass this along in case anyone finds it helpful. :)
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    We currently use "whatever the best one they got, is" according to dad. lol

    Our count is finally down. We ended up selling a couple of older cows (including Simone, dad's pet) and drying up some cows that have been milking well over a year. He is still double milking a couple and dumping the milk in the ditch and we may end up selling soem more before it is all over. Acorn is 11 years old now and her milk is all dumped. She isn't mastitic, just old. She can't really move much anymore so just putting her out isn't an option right now.

    I will mention this stuff to dad. We will probably never get low enough for the bonus because we run them on pasture and they are kept in the stanchion barn in the winter but if we can keep them rpetty low that would be good, especially sicne they are going to be lowering the limits, again.

    Part of the problem this winter was too many animals to keep clean enough.
    Next year we hopefully won't have a full barn again.

    Our crosses have almost non existant cell counts. Pretty neat and since over half the herd are these crosses it is looking good for the future right now. Also a concern of course. If they get mastitis there isn't much there to fight it off. :(

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    Garlic lowers cell count. Forget the companys name., but it is a suppliment that helps with it.