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madmarchie said:
Can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts and suggestions

My thought is mostly - What does this person have to hide????? Wow! :)

Satellites will eventually get to the point of offering internet service globally, but it might be a long wait yet. They have the lag time because of their distance; and at this point 2-way communication is pretty spendy, most setups still require a phone line to upload, do large data downloads with the antenna.

Without a government, there is no infrastructure so you won't have any access to other wireless systems.

Wireless infrastructure costs a huge bundle of money per site. Either you need to pay taxes & get it subsidised from a rather large government which has excess tax money to spend on such frills; you need to pay a vary large teleco type company and be in a metro area where such things pay; or you need to hit several lotto numbers & be able to afford many millions to build your own system.

Fear is a terrible thing.

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