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Halfway down is a recipe that worked for me last night- messy but not much stirring.

re Microwave: Any pudding or porridge recipe according to package directions- microwave in glass/ microwavable ceramic container as long as that volume WATER would need to boil, less 1-2 minutes, then microwave either at much lower energy or not but watch the stuff like a hawk at the higher energy- I'd sit there reading and hope to catch the boil over between pages- then the recipe is done once the mix has boiled over. Or if you catch it in time, when you have paused the microwave when it's about to boil over several times (to be safe I do it 4 or more times) it is done. Probably overdoing it- so long as it HAS boiled thoroughly the only drawback to undercooking would be too thin a pudding/ porridge though it all thickens as it cools. My ¾ gallon of pudding took 20 minutes or so total microwave time. If I had made only 1 quart in the same size pot it might never have boiled over, but I didn’t get a gallon pot to make a single recipe of anything.

re Instapot/ pressure cooker: frustrated with microwave babysitting, not being able to use non- instant tapioca with milk only, I searched for baked tapioca and came up with a bunch of 'boil on stove stirring all the time for 15 minutes THEN pour into baking dish and bake' recipes. Another was 'you MUST buy this steamer pot (which only holds 4 c or single recipe tapioca) from my sponsor and steam it inside the inner pot' (or get a nonstick inner pot- not gonna bother risking that; I like my stainless steel).

Making chili I have decided the pressure cooker can force water quickly into beans, grain, or tapioca pearls or seeds but once you add anything else (or maybe even after the first bout of pressure once the starches are dissolved in the liquid) it will burn and the instapot will turn off and have an error message (glad I figured that out in the instapot instead of my bigger stove top PC with no error messages).

Instapot tapioca with coffee can and seed pearl tapioca
I used (up) 1&1/8 c of seed (size of large millet) tapioca from the Korean grocery store, covered it with 5 c water, pressure cooked for 10 minutes based on some of the internet recipes. Then another 5 since I could still see white 'seeds'. Got a gooey sticky jelly- shorter time might be okay. Divided that in half and put each half in a coffee can- 26 oz chock full o' nuts holds 10 c and fits in 6 quart instapot insert pot with a cover on it. Mixed eggs and 2 c milk in a separate 4 c container and tempered the mix with some of the hot tapioca goo (TEMPER egg mixture so the eggs don’t cook without being mixed in) then added tempered tapioca-egg-milk mix to coffee can with rest of tapioca, then added sugar and enough milk to be 1-2” from top of can (holds 10 c so additional 3 c?), and mixed well. Hot tapioca first batch I did with a fork, next batch I’d let goo cool so used a hand mixer. Put in the wire basket insert which is only 1 cm or so off bottom of instapot, POURED TWO CUPS WATER IN BOTTOM OF INSTAPOT INSERT POT, put the can with a metal cover I found (one of my stainless steel canister lids) that was loose but low on the can (a revereware lid was perfect but too tall to fit in closed instapot), and pressure cooked for 40 minutes. After letting instapot cool without venting for several minutes for safety opened it and added chocolate, once cooler stirred in vanilla.

Cleaning the inner pot between cooking the tapioca and steaming the pudding was a nuisance- next time will try coffee can in waterless inner pot with or without wire basket insert and post results in this thread.

My portions: 2/3 c sugar and 4 eggs to one (too eggy and sulfury smelling for me), ½ c sugar and 2 eggs to other, 4 oz unsweetened baking chocolate in each added then stirred in as it melted after pudding done in instapot, after it was cooler stirred in a large splash (¼ c or less) of my vanilla extract (vanilla beans soaking in hard liquor the past few years- might want less vanilla if you use store bought or don’t like the liquor flavor as much as I do).

This was sweet enough and not too eggy when I mixed the two lots together, without chocolate might be too sweet.

So per coffee can:
½ c seed tapioca (if you try pearl let us know your recipe, as I will report mine if I do that),
2&½ to 3 c water on it, pressure cooked 10 minutes for smaller amount should be more than enough
2-3 eggs,
5-6 c milk divided (2 c mixed with eggs)
½ c sugar for chocolate to your taste, I’d say 1/3 c + for vanilla/ plain tapioca
4 oz unsweetened baker’s chocolate if desired
2 t plus vanilla or other flavoring to your taste (I use 4T but more liquor flavor less vanilla as this batch hasn’t had new vanilla beans for a few years)

Any tips or hints? And please put up more of your instapot/PC main meal recipes- I am really lacking outside the sweets/ baked goods area. Planning soon (maybe after Tgiving) to try steaming a chocolate cake in the coffee can. Anyway I can actually get it to come out of the can in one piece or will we have to eat it with a spoon?
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