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Tapeworm RX source??

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I'm not able to find tapeworm rx for cats locally so I need to order some somewhere. I found 3 tabs at Entirely Pets on-line for $10.99.......but, is there a less expensive way to tapeworm cats than that? :shrug: My cats don't have fleas (I check often) but they DO eat the mice and birds they catch out in the barnyard so I need to worm them around 3 times a year...and with 3 cats that can get pricy. Any ideas on what else to use or a cheaper source? Thanks so much! :)
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Every time my dogs caught and ate a wild rabbit, they got tapeworm. Off to the vet for some Dronsit tablets.

I've been feeding food (codex) grade diatomaceous earth (DE) for years and no more tapeworm nor any other kind. Cats get one teaspoon daily. Just mix it into their feed. If you free choice feed, mix the DE into something they like. The DE has many more good properties besides just deworming.
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