tape worms in cats and dog

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    Oct 7, 2002
    What can I give my cats to get rid of tapeworms. I have used the regular wormer from the store for worms monthly, diatoms in their food on a weekly basis and still see a bit of tapeworm "peeking out" on occasion. Don't know if the dog has them or not. Also some of my cats are "going naked" some scratching and hair falling out. All animals are outside not inmyhouse pets. Any bright ideas? I have purchased ivermectin injection for grower and feeder pigs, 0.27% sterile solution, with a dose chart on back of 0.5mLper 10# of body weight. It says you can use it on ranch-raised foxes for ear mites. I have had some success with putting a couple drops of ivermectin on the back of the neck of my cats in years past to stop the ear mites. Any help is appreciated.
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    Jan 2, 2005
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    One of the better meds for tapeworms is Praziquantel. You can now purchase it without a prescription. I just looked it up and they have it at Omaha Vet Supply (and other ones I'm sure). It is for dogs or cats.

    Tapeworms are transmitted by injesting fleas when grooming/biting themselves or by eating an animal such as a rabbit that has tapeworms and infected fleas on it. Sounds like probably your cats have fleas if you've got some with hairloss. Personally I like frontline to get rid of fleas (if you've got lots of cats and dogs it comes in a spray form that is much more economical but doesn't work quite as well as the spot-on). Hard to say if your dog has tapes or not, depends on if he has fleas too or eats rabbits and such.

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    Praziquantel is what I also use, on mostly the cats, but I have used it on the dogs too. The company that puts it out, in my part of the country is Trade Winds. I buy it at the local feed store.
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    Apr 25, 2005

    Praziquantel is really the only thing that gets most tape worms.
    Also, I usually buy the large/giant dog size Frontline and then dose it out at .5 mls per 10 lbs. and can do several cats and/or small dogs, etc. (Have even been known to treat our guinea pigs with it) You usually only spend a few dollars more to buy a package of the large dog Frontline, versus the small sizes and can do several animals for the price of one.
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    Apr 6, 2005
    I agree with the praziquantel for treatment. If you read the boxes, most wormers only do roundworms and hookworms, so they won't help with tapeworms. The stuff's spendy here, but it works like a charm!
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    Mar 7, 2005
    However after treatment you'll want to prevent it?
    Tapeworms are gotten by either eatting an infected animal
    or by swallowing a flea during grooming. If your cats are eatting
    mice and rats they swallow anything on that critter thus fleas.

    I have 7 indoor cats and use the advantage.
    I did this once a month for 3 months and
    cut back to every 6 weeks.
    Cause the main cause is fleas.

    If any are indoors critters vacume good each day
    after treating. You may already know or seen the segments that come
    out of their backsides. Look like rice (yuk)
    those are pieces of the tape worm. On friend adopted a
    stray cat and when she work in the morning (it must of been
    badly infested) there was rice looking pieces on her comforter.