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Tall tales....tell yours here.

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thought it would be fun to hear some exaggerations, stretched truths, and downright whoppers..... I'll start.

My garden did very well this year. The cabbage grew great. The biggest head was so large we used the log splitter to cut it.............Margo
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I bought 2 small horses to work with me in the woods. I soon relized i did'nt have cover for these wonderfull animals as all i had was a small chicken coop. The coop was fine for the time being as they were small horses. a solution to the housing problem had to be found. It did'nt take to relize i had a stand of small trees just a little taller than the horses. So i took a strong tarp tied it between those trees and as the horses grew so did the trees.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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