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Tall & Slim Men's Suits ???

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Does anyone know a good source for Tall & Slim suits for young men?

DS1 is nearly 6', weights maybe 130# - if you put some extra weight on the scale. He is a 36 regular, but 34/35 sleeve, 14" neck, 29x31 pant. Altering in length is doable, IF one can find the 29 pant in a 32" length.

JCPenney's has a suit coat, but not the slacks (backordered indefinitely.) Our local store checked several districts in upper midwest. Online: Younkers, Macy's, Bloomingdales don't appear to carry a 29 waist pant, smallest is 30. Men's Wearhouse is too pricey, Megasuits only sells a 2 piece set with a min. 30" waist.

Would happily consider a blazer & slacks, but, well, he & I both need Garanimals for good fashion sense.
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Good luck.
DH is 6', 140 soaking wet. 28 inch waist.
We walked into the suit store and told the lady we were having a hard time finding suits cause he was so skinny. She looked at us and said, "oh, I am sure we can find something."
Then she measured him. I will never forget the look on her face. She turned to me, agast, and said, "I don't think they make them that small."

We ended up getting a jacket one size bigger, and getting the pants altered.

His goal this summer is to gain 20 pounds. I told him I could donate.
Never had to buy him a suit (cowboys don't wear suits!) but I can sympathize.
DH is 6'3", 165# fully clothed. He wears a 30x40 pants.
Given how easy it is to find 40x30s, it would seem short, fat men are far more common than tall, skinny ones. lol
I can't recommend a source because I've never bought my sons new suits. Always went to the consignment store, found one with a coat that fit and pants that were long enough, then altered the size of the waist. Pants aren't that difficult to alter if you know how to sew.

Good luck!
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